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The Goldfish Bowl, Oxford- 10.26.09

goldfishbowl0.jpg On random Monday inspiration from Oxford (out here for Justine’s phd graduation!) we took a walk over to The Goldfish Bowl, and since my camera was with me, i couldn’t help shooting some of the adorable underwater creatures… you have got to check out the adorable turtles and rather pissed ray and much more!







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I cant really tell what kind of fish is in that first photo (it is a fish right? lol), but it’s super cute in a alien sort of way!


----- Cassandra Marie 28.10.09 10:32

Nice pics.. love it…

----- Aftab 27.10.09 21:45

I always enjoy looking at your pictures of: well, just about everything! These are some of my favorites! Thank you for Notcot.

----- Olga 27.10.09 13:09

ah, what lovely shots! :)

----- Bron 27.10.09 10:21

It’s a longhorn cowfish (Lactoria cornuta).

----- rugenius 26.10.09 23:30

What is that green thing with the horns thats poking it head out of the water?

----- buddy 26.10.09 22:27

OMIGOSH! You found Nemo!!!

----- Chinda 26.10.09 14:25

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