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Yelp Elite Lunchbox- 10.26.09

yelpLunchbox0.jpg On awesome design that they clearly had far too much (or just enough?) fun with… how cool is this Yelp Elite Metal Lunchbox and Thermos?!?!?! In fact, Michael Ernst, an ex-Yelp-team-er who worked on the design project and sent this awesome gift over even took that main picture up top ~ emailing, “I actually went to a gravel pit in my tiny hometown of Minocqua and asked if I could shoot this there. The guy who ran it was utterly confused at my request. I wanted it to look like another planet.” ~ how coudl i not use the pic after a story like that??? So take a peek at more close ups on the next page ~ its the details that will really get you chuckling at your screen…

yelpbox1.jpgFeel free to hit Michael Ernst up if you need some freelance work ~ he’s currently in his “tiny hometown of Minocqua” as you can see from the fun postcard he wrote me a note on!













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3 Notes

i have one. got it at a swapp meet.! muhaaghahaa:D

----- miguel 06.03.11 20:31

thats awesome!! what do i gotta do to get one?~~

----- phillip 11.11.09 23:19

Hey, was wondering where I can get this Elite lunchbox? (Yes, I’m an elite member) :-) Great find!

----- Alex 28.10.09 08:48

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