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Audrey Kawasaki Mini Ovals- 11.19.09

akwood.jpg On late night art lusting ~ these 4”x 4.5” laser engraved wooden ovals with one of a kind drawings with colored pencil were Audrey Kawasaki’s contribution to the give away gift bags at Baby Tattooville (which, yes, i’m very sad i wasn’t at this year!)… see a few more of these mini’s up close on the next page as well as a stunning medical curiosity themed complimentary limited edition giclee print…




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Wow! those are gorgeous! I checked her site but the shop seems to be down, any idea if she might be selling those as well?

----- C. 24.11.09 12:19

Hi, I’m Isaiah, I’m 17 and i LOVE notcot.com!!! Abosultely L-O-V-E it! I saw this post about Aubrey Kawasaki (who must be a fav over a NOTCOT, b/c their are 4 write ups about her), and i figured i’d take the time to inform you of my friend Kelly McKernan, who is an amazing budding artist in the Altanta, Georgia area. She will be participating in L.A.’s Thinkspace Gallery’s January show, “A Cry For Help”…she has a facebook fan page where you can view her art in her photo ablums (www.facebook.com/pages/Kelly-McKernan/269002615452) and she has a Behance Network page (http://www.behance.net/leliophelia). Their was a write up about her at ( http://www.onesmallseed.net/profiles/blogs/consequences-of-idealism-and). Her website is (http://www.kellymckernan.com). As a AVID reader of NOTCOT.COM i would love to read a article about my friend, as well as i am very positive your readers will as well!!! :) thnx NOTCOT.COM

----- Isaiah Carlisle 19.11.09 11:08

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