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Mercedes AMG Driving Academy: Laguna Seca- 11.22.09

mercedesamg00.jpg I’m jealous. Above is a pic of what my dad just told me is the “US-Spec AMG SLS for us to play with on the drag strip, slalom course and time trials.” So, while i was traveling, my dad (i blame my jetsetting inclination on him) took off to the Laguna Seca Raceway up in Monterey for the Mercedes AMG Driving Academy. He got to drive the brand new AMG SLS and was lucky to be one of the first to experience the new AMG Driving Academy launched in the USA. 16 cars were specially flown in from Germany to accompany the 20 full time cars availble for the course. Luminary driver/instructors included: Tommy Kendall (USA), Bernd Maylander (F1 pace car driver) and Susie Stoddart (Mercedes DTM team driver from Europe). Basically i came home to emails of his incredible adventure… from giddy stories about how mindblowing the drives were (teasing me how much fun i would have had going 160 around the track in one of those beauties) to tales of the chef grilling alongside the track for lunch to inside looks at the stunning carbon fiber drive shaft to the amazing friends he made on the trip and stories he heard… bottom line? The course was totally worth it, and he’d do it again in a heartbeat… in fact, there are 5 levels of courses happening around the US as well as Europe… i think he’s caught the bug, since he’s already dreaming about Sweden. I think i might have to try and convince him to take me along next time! But for now… i’ve convinced him to let me share his pictures with us ~ take a peek on the next page to see the experience!

There is also the amazing carbon fiber wrapped car that looked amazing ~ pics to come of that one soon!

Reception at the patio fire pits at the Intercontinental Hotel on the waterfront at Monterey:

German/Euro-Spec AMG SLS we drove on the Laguna Seca Race Track itself.

Gold colored calipers of the Ceramic brakes.

Here are the German/Euro Spec SLSs on the racetrack:




Lunch being served by the racetrack.

All aluminum body of the SLS

Gearbox positioned at the rear of the car to attain almost perfect weight distribution.

Carbon-fiber drive shaft - first in a production car.

Big V 8 engine positioned behind the front axle - again, better weight distribution.

Lunch break for both cars and drivers.

Everyone received an AMG balaclava to be worn under AMG helmet.

Red US-Spec SLS on display at the Intercontinental Hotel:




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7 Notes

This is a great post. SLS AMG’s at Laguna Seca is as fantastic as watching the GT40’s run at the Monterey Historics in 2005!

----- Kevin Wilson 23.05.10 17:11

re. “Carbon-fiber drive shaft - first in a production car.” - I think you’ll find that the Nissan 350Z was equipped with a C/F shaft back in 2002 (Japan) and 2003 onwards (other markets)…may be others; I know the 350Z as I own one and we sell parts for them!

Great article otherwise and hope you don’t think I’m being too picky!

----- Mike Feeney 21.01.10 07:11

it may look like it because it is. the sls amg is based on the 300sl that has become the most famous and iconic of mercedes among true enthusiasts.

----- kiernan cough 19.01.10 10:21

That looks like an updated 1954/55 300 SL Gullwing. Beautiful car.

----- Erin 26.11.09 23:28

The front and interior is quite impressive looking, the rear is alright.

----- Dosu 23.11.09 11:48

Amazing, beautiful cars

----- Rick 23.11.09 09:07

That looks like excellent fun. I am envious.

----- Steven 23.11.09 04:57

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