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MicroSmores and Israeli Marshmallows- 12.10.09

smores0.jpg Let me level with you. It was my birthday and i totally tried to take the day off a little. Got some extra sleep. Went for a walk and caught up with a friend on the beach ~ a beach walk complete with ice cream and taco truck tacos (in that order of course!) ~ did super chill dinner and… met up with Linhchi for the most ridiculous microwave experimenting we’ve done in a while… People claim i’m hard to shop for, but really you just have to keep in mind that i’m pretty easy to amuse? Besides, this little as seen on TV number even has CORE FUSION TECHNOLOGY!!! (Ok, so to me, it feels more like magical gravity weighing down on my poor explosive marshmallow) AND she brought adorable marshmallows that are products of israel covered with adorably anthropomorphized illustrated mallows that would make the sanrio crowd squeal. The cuteness does make it easier or harder to consume them (depending on how you react to the cuteness!) Impressive? Their mallow jumping and squishing the barcode. LOVE IT. But i digress… we microwaved up a few of these babies, watched them mushroom up, and then the MICROSMORES machine (read: plastic container with weighted platform on a stick that you don’t even get to PUSH) did its thing, making magical smores. Now if only there was some liquid smoke or fire involved in the process, you’d truly recreate the campfire smore experience…. ok even then, a bit is still missing, but that didn’t hold us back from sticking whatever else we could find in there!

I know i have SO many things i want to post and show you that i’m behind on this week (that life balance thing kicked in ~ you understand, right? this week life won a bit more than usual ~ but don’t work, workaholic me will be back, and might need some assistance, but more to come on that soon perhaps)… but figured we should start with the fun crazy stuff first… anyhow! Check out these awesome marshmallows and the MICROSMORES magic on the next page… good times!













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It one of those things that you buy, play with it for one day( more like 10 mins or less) then put it alway. At least the adorable marshmallows would hold your attention a lot longer.

----- Marguarite 13.01.10 18:00

I feel like you’ve got to be dead lazy to have that thing.

----- Jeff 13.12.09 02:07

Haha this is so stupid and pointless… i love it. a must have for a dork like me lol

----- Armen 13.12.09 01:24

You don’t need the Micro-S’mores thing. Just throw the marshmallow on 1/2 G-Cracker on a plate in the microwave for 11 seconds. Take it out, add the chocolate piece, and top cracker half. Squish, eat, and repeat until nauseatingly full.

----- Shane 11.12.09 16:10

Looks like fun but it sure isn’t sitting around the fire making smores so it takes the fun out of it.

----- Tires 10.12.09 13:28

I saw them marshmallows at Whole Foods, they are awesome! Also good because they are made with only fish gelatin. Nifty s’more maker too, ^_^

----- Rachael E. 10.12.09 12:21

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