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Cregg - Egg Decapitator/Holder- 01.02.10

cregg0.jpg Black and White. Angel and Devil. Fun illustrations. Hilarious how to on the back, showing how this egg topper (with the three little blades inside) can even double as a napkin ring (won’t it slice up your napkin possibly? if used right?)… and brain sperm logo. And it’s both the egg decapitator AND the holder. Genius. So of course you understand that i couldn’t resist this adorable german pair of Brain Stream Cregg & Cregg while in Stockholm… and i only just got around to testing them out ~ pictures of the experience and details on the next page!










cregg10.jpg I messed that one up doing it in my hand… just crushed it… so i’m 2 for 3.


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4 Notes

Amazing. I struggle with my soft boiled eggs every morning. Any idea where you can get these stateside. I’d like a stylish set for myself.

----- logan 07.01.10 09:51

Awesome. Where do I get one?????????

----- Owen 06.01.10 13:03

kind of makes me sad to be vegan. this looks like fun!

----- juny 04.01.10 08:20

looks like a mess.
i am sure if the egg is more boiled it would have been a cleaner cut.

----- M! 02.01.10 11:11

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