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Maison Martin Margiela Perfume Launch- 01.14.10

mmmlaunch2.jpg So i’ve been getting a little double, triple booked lately ~ trips overlapping ~ but all so tempting i try to do them all. Until i can’t. So i’m trying to find some help! Thank goodness, NOTCOT’s new features editor + giveaway coordinator + writer + friend + inevitably more to be added to this list shortly, Marcia Simmons, was able (and willing) to pop over for two nights in Paris with a mere few days notice. While we’re still working on finding a nice pretty new way to show you posts my friends share with us on NOTCOT, for the moment, we’ll first get you the great content ~ and time + energy permitting, we’ll transition in to some new way to denote it. For now you will have to just bear with silly introduction notes from me! So on the next page, we have a bunch of pics and stories from Marcia of her whirlwind adventures in Paris for the first Maison Martin Margiela Perfume launch! And i’m already envious of the amazingly packaged press kit (with flowers!!! and feather pens!!! and books!) ~ and the stunning presentation of the new perfume. I’ll have to sniff the goods myself next time i see her in person!

p.s. i adore that they went all dot matrix ascii art print out on the press kit. TOO FUN.


I knew I was in for an adventure when Jean got off the phone, turned to me and asked, “Is your passport current?” It was … and I decided that whatever question came after that, my answer would also be yes! A week later I was on a plane to Paris for the unveiling of Maison Martin Margiela’s first perfume. The details of the product were all very hush-hush, but I totally trusted MMM to whisk me away to their Paris headquarters for a sneak peek (sneak sniff?).

mmmlaunch8.jpg Before the official unveiling, we were taken to the pre-launch room. It was all about getting us in the MMM mindset of no logos and no celebrity endorsers.

mmmlaunch3.jpg After teasing us with abstract images and sounds, a curtain was lifted revealing the new fragrance. It’s called (untitled) … naturally.

mmmlaunch4.jpg Love the clean white packaging, Olivetti type, simple bottle and green color of the perfume! The bottle was designed in collaboration with Fabien Baron. But now that I was done obsessing on the packaging, it was time to actually smell the fragrance.

mmmlaunch6.jpg The fresh, grassy smell was explained via little flash cards and tiny bottles of the different scent layers (galbanum, lentiscus, orange blossom, incense and white musk).

mmmlaunch6a.jpg MMM says the bottle when empty can be used as “a dress, a lamp or anything that departs from its initial use.” Not sure about dress … but I am definitely keeping this bottle once it’s empty.

mmmlaunch7.jpg Another brand had actually claimed the name untitled but then let the trademark expire without ever using it.

mmmlaunch9.jpg The little details were amazing for such an intimate launch. Feather pens to match the feather wall in the cocktail room!

mmmlaunch10.jpg And of course books to illuminate the mystery that is Martin Margiela!

mmmlaunch11.jpg The press kit was so pretty and came with a bouquet of flowers!

mmmlaunch17.jpg When I opened it up, I was so thrilled to see a dot-matrix printout with all the details …

mmmlaunch13.jpg … and a black-and-white icon guide to their different lines. (Fragrance is line number three)

mmmlaunch14.jpg After a long night of fun with the MMM team, it was back to my hotel to dream away before my morning flight. Of course they’d put me in a hotel with quirky but welcoming details like apples on the pillows …

mmmlaunch16.jpg And a rubber duckie in the shower …

mmmlaunch15.jpg And shower tiles sealed with a kiss!

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this blog tells about the launch in Brussels Belgium, hometown of Margiela himself (can you spot him ;))


----- ILB team 20.03.10 18:02

loooooooove the oldschool dotmatrix paper; and also, apples? very in line with the whole “fresh” aspect of the perfume, and SO CUTE AND QUIRKY! :)

----- mimi 14.01.10 19:50

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