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“I am furniture” Radiators by Studio Vraay- 04.26.10

radiator1.jpg While exploring Ventura Lambrate during the Milan Salone 2010 ~ in the dreary weather, we stumble into a run down garage looking space… and get pointed to enter a dark curtain across the lot… like sheep, we follow. It’s DARK in there! But then, quickly i get distracted by these shiny objects… radiators… that remind me of 50’s cars… seriously, its something about those metallic paint jobs with the chrome… it just draws you right in!

These were part of Autofficina (a Dutch Still Life Composition), an assembly of products shown during Salone in the Lambrate area featuring the works of a group of prominent Dutch designers. The exhibitors were looking for international producers, retailers or galleries. All items are either in production or ready to be produced. The space heaters are part of the series, “I am furniture”, designed by dutch design Studio Vraay. See more info, and lots more pics of the radiators as well as the Autofficina exhibition on the next page!

In their own words “What is furniture? Does it mean only tables, chairs and cabinets? Or could, for example, an electric heater become furniture as well? Maybe it’s possible. It depends on how open minded you are. This collection is called: ‘I am furniture’. As in: becoming furniture.”

“I am furniture” is produced by Studio Vraay, and most of the parts are hand made or Industrially sculptured. The objects heat up electrically using a reduced electrical heating component made for tomorrow’s ecological standards. Besides reducing energy demand, the object heats up the direct surroundings where we find ourselves in, instead of entire buildings. The materials used are nickel and steel, with automotive paint finish.





“Little Sister”. The smallest of the “I am furniture” family. Her character is typical for every little sister, shy and roaming in her own world.


“Big brother”. Is the chair sized character of the family. His bold character and blue color resembles what every big brother is; protective but gallant.


“Siamese twin”. The bench sized character of the “I am furniture” family. Its character is defined by thick tubes that resemble the strong bond between the two twins.


And just for fun ~ here are a few pics to give you a view of the Ventura Lambrate world of Autofficina… a bit of context into where we viewed these fascinating radiators…






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