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Blofield Inflatable Bathtub- 04.21.10

blofieldtub1.jpgBlofield is known for its inflatable chesterfield arm chairs and sofas… spotted at Superstudio Piu ~ an inflatable BATHTUB! And it was incredibly sturdy! Complete with champagne bucket and wood rack for wine glasses, naturally. Can’t find images of it online at the moment, but you can see my few detail shots on the next page!



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4 Notes

This is great, I think I need one. I like the simple look and bold color. I could see using this for a romantic evening outside.

----- jeff 25.04.10 10:44

I am not sure if it is mentioned that it actually also is a bubble pool?

----- mappen 22.04.10 03:47

Hello! Where can I buy this online? They don’t have it on their website!

----- JT 21.04.10 23:03

I stand by my case, that the fine line between total hick and super chic, is design.

----- Tim 21.04.10 18:20

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