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Clean Air Tree- 04.27.10

treepod1.jpg Packaging based impulse buy at Whole Foods when i got home… “Clean Air Tree” ~ a biodegradable potato waste pod containing spruce tree seeds in a soiless growing pellet in a biodegradable growing pot… complete with an FSC paper booklet printed with veg based ink… sealed in a compostable corn starch sleeve… super green packaging? And apparently when you plant/buy one, they do too… but unfortunately their website seems a bit broken, so i couldn’t register my pod yet… See the next page for the unboxing… start at planting… and lets hop there are sprouts soon! And someday perhaps a tree…










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@ABHI this is random, but that sunchips bag is seriously the LOUDEST chip bag in the world!

----- Jeanine 09.05.10 20:48

I saw these at Fred Meyer here in Seattle yesterday and was hoping someone else had more info. So, thank you!

----- Renai 07.05.10 15:09

And also, please do try registering again, we were upgrading oour website when you tred last.

----- Mark Regan 29.04.10 23:15

Thanks for the comments, the Clean Air Tree Kits are also available online at http://shop.wcafi.org

----- Mark Regan 29.04.10 23:08

This is truly awesome. If I saw this at whole foods, I would have just filled my basket with ‘em.
@EUG, great point about the waste in packaging and instructions. Some companies are trying some initiatives like biodegradable packaging out, check out the sun chips bag:


----- Abhi 28.04.10 07:16

that is cool in concept, but I can’t help but think of the waste in packaging and instructions even if compostable and recyclable. couldn’t they have made that part of the whole pod somehow?

----- eug 27.04.10 16:13

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