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Forge de Laguiole “Furtivo” knife by Ora-Ito- 04.17.10

Laguiole_Furtivo_oraitto_1.jpg One of the objects that caught our attention at the Ora-Ito showroom in zona Tortona was the cool looking Furtivo (very appropriate) knife, designed for french knife makers, Forge de Laguiole, with its all black metal minimalist styling and carbon fiber inlays makes it a very desirable pocket friendly accessory. See more pics of it on the next page!





And here’s a pic of Ora Ito getting interviewed ~ he had some sweet boots… oraito.jpg

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8 Notes

I’ve never seen a Laguiole like that ! Very impressive :)

----- Laguiole 28.09.11 08:07

opps, meant 990 euro. still a lot. :(

----- edgar 19.04.10 13:28

it’s 999 euro. just click on the “Forge de Laguiole” in the post and then “designer’s laguiole”.

----- edgar 19.04.10 13:27

When will I be able to buy this stunning knife? i lovely mad man gift.

----- Jzachly 19.04.10 08:20

im wondering what kind of lock this has? probably a liner lock, but i was wondering if that finger/thumb stud on top could be a slick lock mechanism.

----- dj brigidope 18.04.10 20:35

Where can I get one? Where can I find a price? I’ve had no luck.

----- Rae 17.04.10 16:39

Where can I get one? Where can I find a price? I’ve had no luck.

----- Rae 17.04.10 16:39

Very impressive design. I always had a weak spot for beautiful knives, but I cannot call a Laguiole ‘my own’ so far.
This knife looks incredible, but the non-mention of a price makes me wonder if I’ll be able to get my hands on this one.

----- mangochutney 17.04.10 13:29

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