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HTC Legend + the Volcano- 04.25.10

legend0.jpg Wow, what a week it was last week ~ volcano, Eyjafjallajokull, threw a little kink into what started to feel like a never-ending adventure across asia and europe, and early on in the trip, i decided to travel with only my blackberry curve, no data plan - only sms and international email - also, no iphone… and figured i’d be so busy, i’d survive just fine. Somewhere while i was diving in Indonesia, HTC contacted me and offered to send over an HTC Legend to try out (knowing i’d been lusting to try out the unibody phone and opitcal trackball in person)… they were even kind enough to send it over to my hotel in italy, along with an italian SIM card… with data! After 3 weeks traveling without using maps/internet/etc on my phone, i thought i was fine… good to disconnect a bit!

HTC Legend shows up ~ pop sim card in ~ start playing with maps and internet and gps and twitter and youtube videos and more… i’ll admit it, it made life 110% easier, nearly instantly. I’ve learned my lesson. Super snappy connection to the digital world 24/7 - it’s not an addiction… its convenience… like being able to go get lost and not need to ask for directions b/c your phone always knows where you are… or being able to go out to drinks, and keep checking in on the status of closed airports and volcanic eruptions and ash clouds and book/change flights while in the middle of an insane italian club? Excessive, but it certainly helped keep the panic of being stranded in europe indefinitely to a minimum… so, THANK YOU, HTC, for reconnecting me to the digital world when i needed it most! Things got a little stressful as people were hopping 22 hour consulate bus rides to London, rushing on packed trains to madrid and rome, booking private 737’s from newark to heathrow… but it’s good to be home!

And beyond the awesome functionality of the phone ~ the internet browsing seems FAR snappier than my iphone and i’m in love with the screen and trackball! Also, every designer i ran into at design week couldn’t help but comment how the phone was nearly more mac than a mac! It feels SO good in your hand, and the single piece body of the phone is just lovely… take a peek at the bunch of pics on the next page of it compared to my mac book pro at my last lunch in Milan at a cute little cafe in brera…












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Purchased my Legend 2 nights ago and love it. Its everything i expected from all the reviews and videos I’ve seen. Bought the phone through Telstra who have exclusive rights to it for the first few months.

One thing that annoys me about that is that the phone appears to have their branding on it. Totally annoys the hell out of me. Want to remove it but I would most likely have to flash it.

If you got a HTC Legend, http://www.htclegendforum.com would be helpful source.

----- coolfx35 24.05.10 19:11

Oow, how lucky you are! I’ve been trying to get my hands on a Legend for a long time. I’m also traveling so I ordered one and asked for my cousin to bring it from UK. However the package didn’t arrive in time (damn that volcano!).
I’m a Mac user and I want to review the Legend from this perspective. I want to try some applications to sync it with Mac and make a more user focused review. I’ve read all the reviews about the Legend and to be honest they are very superficial. Let’s hope Amazon ships it fast enough this time!

----- Mário 29.04.10 17:24

Wow, loved the review, could be a bit more in depth though ha ha.
Anyways, I’m already liking this legend, looking forward for it when it arrives in Indonesia.
More of this ‘real life’ article please

----- Suria 25.04.10 20:22

I don’t know if I’d leave my iPhone for it, but this device looks extremely clean. I’d love to get my hands on one just to test.

I don’t know if you’ve addressed this before, but where did your vinyl NOTCOT sticker printed for your macbook?

----- patrick 25.04.10 15:23

What no glowing trackball?! A step backwards from the Hero, IMHO! Haha!

----- James 25.04.10 09:58

that was both an entertaining and informative article! Thanks. And diving in Indonesia? Lunching in Milan?…your life continues to amaze me.

----- laura 25.04.10 09:06

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