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IKEA Solig Solar Lighting 2010- 04.30.10

solig1.jpg It’s that time of year again ~ IKEA’s spring/summer goodies are out, and i’m once again fascinated by what they are doing design wise for low cost outdoor solar lighting. Here’s what they had going last year ~ and to be honest, and an upclose look at them unboxed… and a year later, the ones in my patio, some are holding up ok, some really just dont last long lighting the world up at night anymore. Perhaps i need to swap some new rechargable AA’s in. I’m intrigued by the new additions this year though ~ from floor lamps and desk lamps to pendant lamps and even snake like lighting tubes… do you use them indoors? but in strategic locations that get lots of light? They are apparently approved for outdoors, so it could make for a cute little patio set up… and it looks like you might even be able to turn the table and desk lamps on and off… so charge them up and only pull the switch when you need it outside? (Will this make the battery last longer?)… take a peek at some larger pics on the next page!

solig2.jpg SOLIG Solar-powered pendant lamp Height: 6 ” Shade diameter: 8 “

solig3.jpg SOLIG Solar-powered table lamp Height: 16 ” Base diameter: 5 ” Shade diameter: 6 “

solig4.jpg SOLIG Solar-powered lighting tube Cord length: 157 “

solig5.jpg SOLIG Solar-powered floor lamp Height: 50 ” Base diameter: 10 ” Shade diameter: 12 “

solig6.jpg And on updates ~ they’ve added new colors to the SOLIG Solar-powered light chain, 8 globes

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The Ikea SOLIG Solar-powered floor lamp is a miracle of science. Our lamp has been running on our porch, EVERY SINGLE EVENING, and it’s been going for 3 years through rain, snow, etc.

I wish they still made them! :(

----- Emily 08.10.13 10:23

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