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Mercedes-Benz Museum Elevators- 04.08.10

mbmuseum_elevators0.jpg The Mercedes-Benz Museum houses an incredible amount of automotive history, unexpected surprises, and is in and of itself an absolutely mind blowing architectural space. That being said there are a million and one different posts i could write about it, and none would do it justice fully. So, let’s do this my way and start with my favorite detail… the ELEVATORS are amazing! When you enter the space, you can see straight up to the roof (and a peek at the sunlight coming in) as floors spiral all the way… you could even say the ceiling has a Mercedes-Benz star inspired shape… and then you notice what look three like vertical tracks going up… and these awesome metal pod (with abstract ghost like eyes/shape) moving up and down… it’s surreal. A bit overly concrete feeling (gave me a similar vibe to Oakley HQ’s entrance)… there was something very sterile/scifi feeling about the entrance space. I could have stood there and stared up at the mesmerizing symmetry of it all for ages. So see more close ups of it in action on the next page!

p.s. Also amazing are those giant panels… the ones that look like concrete? they arent. That’s how they move cars into the various floors.

p.p.s. Additionally, when it comes to ventilating the space and quickly dealing with a fire/etc… this building is the official world-record holder for the World’s Largest Artificial Tornado! It’s over 100ft, generated from the center of the roof… i’ve just updated the post with a few videos on the next page…



They totally look like little ghosts! mbmuseum_elevators3.jpg

Of course the interior of the elevator pods have dramatic lighting as well… but as they mentioned… it DOES basically take you from present, well in to the past ~ so the capsule-esque time machine vibe works pretty well! mbmuseum_elevators4.jpg


view looking out from within… mbmuseum_elevators7.jpg

See? You can attach the hooks to hold a few tons… pull it up to the door panels… and slide it right in… mbmuseum_elevators6.jpg

Want to see the indoor tornado in action?

From the 2007 press release: It was necessary to take a new approach, and so a globally unique smoke elimination system was developed especially for the Mercedes-Benz Museum. In the event of fire, 144 outlets located along the core walls inject air into the interior courtyard of the Mercedes-Benz Museum. This generates an artificial tornado, and the smoke collected is then discharged into the outside air via a smoke elimination ventilator located in the upper part of the building.

This procedure uses the principle of the tornado force, which has a devastating effect under natural conditions, to create a controlled life-saving form of fluid mechanics that opens up new architectural possibilities.

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----- Philipp 09.04.10 03:06

That tornado thing is amazing. I didn’t even know it existed until now. But like you said, the whole architecture is purely beautiful and there so many details, from the doors to the toilet-signs.

----- Roitsch 09.04.10 02:00

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