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Polaroid SX70 + First Flush- 04.26.10

polaroid10.jpg On unexpected packages that arrived ~ a Polaroid SX70 Original from the Impossible Project ~ as well as a pack of the PX 100 Silver Shade / First Flush… The IMPOSSIBLE Project - “In October 2008 The Impossible Project saved the last Polaroid production plant for Integral Instant film in Enschede (NL) and started to re-invent and re-produce a new intant film for traditional Polaroid Cameras.” ~ in addition they’ve been fixing up vintage polaroid cameras… “Polapremium SX-70 cameras are NOT new, but we did our very best to make them look and function like unused cameras. Nevertheless we cannot avoid that some cameras will have some minor cosmetic signs of their former usage.” and i couldn’t resist trying it out… so here’s a first look at the details and a test pic of the first flush on the next page!

p.s. there’s something fun about having a polaroid camera ~ since polaroids were an inspiration in the design of NOTCOT.org














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I just bought a book on Polaroid Manipulations. So I decided that I want to experiment, and I am looking for the SX model. I am interested in prices.

----- clarence boukas 21.03.12 13:28

There is something adventurist and fun about this camera. It doesn’t look old or dated, but rather timeless, well designed, and sturdy. I really don’t like the modern point & clicks. They feel so fragel and cheap. The brushed aluminum and leather case some how just feels more “ready for adventure”. Grab the rope swing and jump in the pond. Capture the smile of a pretty girl on the beach when you return her wind blown hat. This camera really is the capture of touchable life, before everything became digital.

----- Erik 07.05.10 00:49

Ahh the PX 100 worked so beautifully for you.

That makes me very excited :D hahahaa.

----- Koo 02.05.10 04:43


Artistic Time Zero is made from leftover chemicals…something the company is upfront about. You gotta read product descriptions closely before you buy, man.

The green tint can be mostly avoided by peeling the film…cut under the white frame on the back and peel the clear acetate front from the chemical covered back & let dry before scanning. This also stops the Fade to Black film from darkening.

----- Justin 28.04.10 21:25

This SX-70 looks like a new one !
The Impossible Project done a really great work here.
Are the shots ok with the colors ?
Thanks for the pictures.. I’m so jealous now with my badly used ones ;)

----- steph 27.04.10 02:56

@ROITSCH yeah, it’s one of the limited editions films, which unfortunately are kinda expensive, about 20$ per pack.

And boy does it look pretty! Jealous as well… :-)

----- Jeriko 26.04.10 23:40

Your land camera is absolutely gorgeous! I just ordered 10 packs from The Impossible Project for my grandfathers Polaroid One Step. The pics turned green as Gene described - but I’m ok with them, it’s a different effect and I’m just having fun using it. Thanks for posting!

----- Chris H. 26.04.10 19:59

Wow, I remember putting the film in the microwave to get some amazingly unexpected effects. This morning I just thought about pulling some of the film that’s been sitting in my fridge for over a year out and seeing what I get. Now I know what I am doing this weekend!

Thanks for posting this.

----- Evelio Mattos 26.04.10 16:35

Totally salivating right now…

----- Moha 26.04.10 15:57

I have an sx-70 that I inherited from my grandmother. It still works beautifully, so I decided to order film (the TZ artistic) for it from impossible. UNfortunately, the film they sent wasn’t expired but acted like it was… all of the photos I took had a green tinge to them. I was quite upset for spending 25 bucks a pack on it…

----- Gene 26.04.10 12:07

I’m so jealous! But it looks nice. The films are new, right? Have fun.

----- Roitsch 26.04.10 11:42

Wow! Lucky you…looks awesome. Has the 5D been replaced? :)

----- Ryan Heiser 26.04.10 11:33

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