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Porsche 911 Evolution- 04.29.10

911evolutionmain.jpg Another incredible installation at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart (first i showed you the sliced up porsches)… I stood and watched this wall a few times over. Mesmerized. It’s a wall with the outlines of 7 models of 911s overlayed. And that is QUITE the jumble, but then the projection fills in one outline at a time, and you can watch the evolution between the models overlaid. It’s amazing… to see how things tweaked, expanded, shifted, and more over time… See the video as well as pics on the next page…

… as well as a peek at the spinning platforms of 911s and this absolutely stunning 356 on the next page! peek356.jpg











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Is there any way to buy a frameable print of the 7-Porsche-911-evolution artwork? It’d be a no-brainer to sell copies of that; I’d be the first in line to get one! And, I don’t even have, nor have I ever had, a 911.
Thanks much.
Scotty G

----- Scotty G 17.11.13 17:48

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