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Frame Series by Rends Design - 04.15.10

RENDSmain.jpg While exploring Milano Salone Satellite 2010, i was taken by Frame Series, the premiere collection of Rends Design, the design duo Masanao Furkawa and Kaori Akiyama! The quality of the pieces feels incredible ~ so strong, yet delicate in the curvature. With simple elegant lines and a strong japanese modern aesthetic ~ the piece i’m most lusting after is the sofa! Sadly, they didn’t have a prototype of that pieces at the show! The Easy chair is even more comfortable than it appears, and they truly had to pry me out of there after a full day of walking the show floor! Take a look at the images of the collection (and a few fun booth pics!) on the next page…

(On a quick silly side note/disclaimer, Leo and I were actually looking for our grad school friend, Masa, and this ended up being his booth! But no one was in the there at the time! But we loved the collection! It was pretty funny when he finally called, and we looped back to find his booth number, only to realize it was his work we already liked while passing by!)




Here are some images of the collection from their press images: RENDS1.jpg







While we were joking around at the booth, Masanao Furukawa let me take this rather serious looking shot of him at the table! rendsdesign2.jpg

Love that they painted these on to the canvas in the booth! rendsdesign5.jpg

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Ok… Nice… But how much waste material this design produce? Those are cutted plywood boards, therefore probably more than 50% of wood is wasted! Oh god!

----- Tommaso 16.04.10 04:59

Congratulations guys on designing/developing these fantastic furniture’s. They really look amazing. This is truly a job well done, and it made me so happy to see this. (Ahh, how much I wish I could have been there) Japan does it again!

On a little side note. I see that Mr. Masanao cut his hair. Very stylish, very stylish indeed! :-)

Again; great work guys, really really GREAT!

----- Joe 15.04.10 05:21

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