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Zanotta Zum Expansion Table- 04.22.10

zum0.jpg Zanotta Zum Expansion Table by Emaf Progetti… Sure it looks like a sleek simple table, but you have to see HOW it expands! We made the guy open it again just so i could make a video to show you ~ because you really need to see it in action to appreciate how awesome it is! See close ups and video on the next page!







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5 Notes

The dinner table of my grandmother was doing the same. Not SUCH an innovation. But still always useful. :)

----- Genevieve 28.04.10 12:42

Anybody knows where are the chairs from?? Loved them!

----- Roberta Albuquerque 23.04.10 09:47

Is this supposed to be novel and exciting? Because no.

----- Larry 23.04.10 06:57

another very sleek expansion table: ZEITRAUM DOMINO ZOOM http://bit.ly/9p3sGL

----- stephan 23.04.10 02:01

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