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Mr. Brainwash in NY- 05.14.10

brainwash0.jpg It’s 3am. I’m tired, but i felt like i needed to share before the backlog built up and my excitement wandered off… what a day its been, so much #OBJECTHUNT fun ~ so many supportive folks having fun at design week this year between workaholicking. And between it all i stumbled upon Mr. Brainwash’s takeover of the boarded up construction ~ mixed with scrawls about what a hack he is ~ only to turn across the street to see all his art also inside at a huge gallery show… and it was filled with classic designer chairs… so, i couldn’t help myself, the mix of spray paint art, pithy statements and quotes, elephants-kangaroos-snoopy made of tires, a life size NY taxi packaged in matchbox packaging with a toys r us price tag… so say what you will about his work ~ i just had to take and share some pics! See it all on the next page…






















This one’s not him… i don’t think… but it was so adorable… brainwash23.jpg

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8 Notes

Is this exhibit still showing? For how long? What is the address of the gallery?

----- Paul 09.07.10 10:39

Like your work. Have you seen this?

Eames Inspiration: 20 Eames wood plywd lounge chairs reimagined by 20 fab street/graffiti artists! Go to Barneys NY to see. Go to opdesign.org to bid. Auction ends May 31!

Great collection. Worth taking a look at.

----- nancy thiel 27.05.10 16:27

Seriously? MBW is a total biter and should not be given any coverage on this site!

----- Michael 25.05.10 10:02

The bear is actually by artist Philip Lumbang.

----- Dennis 19.05.10 07:31

Doesn’t anyone realize ‘Mr. Brainwash’ is the statement? This seems to be working like a charm.

----- Tim G 17.05.10 10:06

This is pretty interesting to see after watching “Exit Through the Gift Shop” - I think the larger than life sculptures are great. I’d love to see this stuff in person.

----- Thu 16.05.10 20:04

Phil Lumbang in NYC!

----- Ken 16.05.10 10:29

great stuff! I’ve seen mbw’s work outside the in la gallery and a couple ‘life is good’ pieces in manhattan. love the matchbox car. the bear you snapped a pic of is by Philip Lumbang. he’s one of my favoritest right now :)

----- icon 15.05.10 13:38

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