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Wooden Knight/Horse- 05.30.10

horse1.jpg While trying to kill time in TriBeCa between meetings, i followed a recommendation to check out Playing Mantis for some fun wooden kids toys… and found the most amazing chess set of hungarian hand carved little knights… as well as these knights on horses. As you can imagine, it took a while to pick the perfect one, and i settled on this guy, because i simply had to get some close up pics to share with you!





Also… how cool is the chess set?



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Absolutely fabulous! Got any drawings or pictures I could use to make a set for personal use? I’m disabled and could use a good project. I have the tools, already made a board. Just need to make the pieces. This would deffinatly hold my attention!

Beautiful work,

----- JR French 05.01.18 16:12

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