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Dyson Tower and Pedestal Fans- 06.21.10

newdysonfans.jpg New additions to the Dyson Air Multiplier Fan Range! In addition to the original desk fans, Dyson has now added a Tower Fan and Pedestal Fan just in time for the summer heat. Both are only available in silver, and like the others in the line, have no blades and no buffeting! The tower is 39.65in tall! The Pedastal can range from 46.77” to 55.43” and has a 17.2” diameter. See close ups on the next page!



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I need one of these so I can throw paper air-planes through it, or if some one would be kind enough to throw a paper air-plane though one and video it my life would be complete

----- Ohmadawn 24.06.10 05:47

The current model is already noisy as hell - maybe they have outdone themselves

----- Mike 21.06.10 20:13

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