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The Royalton Hotel, NYC- 06.10.10

royalton00.jpg Just experienced the Royalton Hotel while in NY for the Federated Media Conversational Marketing Summit (my annual catch up with my FM folks and intellectually immerse myself in the marketing/ad world)… since it’s practically in times square, the Morgan’s Hotel Group helped me try out the Royalton Hotel… and from the website i was already obsessed with seeing their soaking tub in person. It is HUGE and pretty deep. You could probably fit about 5-6 of me in there… comfortably. And it’s like being in an inverted discoball… Also noteworthy, it is the perfect luxurious NY hideaway, if you need a super comfy, cozy place to hibernate in NY. It can stay surprisingly dark in the room (with lots of nearly blackout curtains, dimmers and candle like lighting) regardless of what time of day/night it is. After a few too many late nights out, it was an incredible place to just curl up and catch up on sleep and work in a timeless space. And the bed is divine (pillows and duvet you just melt into!) with fun beautifully lit bedside port hole like shelves cut into the headboard which extends wall to wall and floor to ceiling including the closet and drawers. And that impressive darkness i was telling you about? It also flows through the hallways and into the lobby (which is an enticing lounge/bar space that leads to the restaurant) ~ so it’s a bit of a shock to the system every time i had to head out ~ back into the real world (or the chaos so near times square!)

Take a peek at my experience of the Royalton Hotel’s Room 904 on the next page ~ lots of pics of favorite details!

The hallways… royalton1.jpg

A little cul-de-sac of rooms… royalton2.jpg

The glowing port hole of a number royalton3.jpg

Huge living room ~ loved the super comfy couches along the window ~ views straight into the office building across the way… and nice big slate fireplace. royalton4.jpg

From the living room you can look back into the bedroom, where you can pull the curtains shut for a separation. Nice design detail that instead of having the curtain rod straight, it kinks in the middle, adding a nice curve to the separation when closed. royalton5.jpg

The bathtub! royalton6.jpg

Rain showerhead, wand handheld, and tub the size of the dining tables we had at the CM Summit! No joke that you could probably fit half a dozen people curled up in there. royalton7.jpg

Big thick shower curtains… royalton8.jpg

While the tub certainly seemed prioritized, the small metal sink is surrounded by mirrors which do help the bathroom seem a little roomier. royalton9.jpg


View from the bed when the curtain is closed. So comfy and cozy with the dimmed lights (as you can see from the light peeking in on the left, it was broad daylight outside!) royalton11.jpg

The adorable little beside shelves! royalton12.jpg

I couldn’t resist ~ here’s one more big pic of the mirrored shower/soaking tub… royalton13.jpg

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3 Notes

I almost stayed here about a month ago. We ended up staying at The London so we could dine there as well, but I would have pushed for The Royalton if I’d known I could be having amazing disco bath adventures! Thanks for the photos.

----- Sara F 24.06.10 09:07

Do you prefer this or the Standard NYC?

----- Jordan 10.06.10 18:50

My shower will always seem boring after the inverted-disco-ball. Brilliant!!

----- Mark Johnson 10.06.10 17:34

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