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The Things We Make Make Us - Jeep- 06.30.10

jeep1.jpg Silly as it sounds, sometimes running an ad on NOTCOT may be one of the best ways to get my attention (not surprising when you think about how much time i spend on the sites daily!) ~ latest one to really suck me in? These new Jeep Grand Cherokee 2011 ads! I’ve always been a sucker for bold, concise text though… and they are fun and inspirational! And so pro-making things and living your life! And from there, i ended up on the Jeep page and the Manifesto video just pulls you right in. A nice reminder of American design/manufacturing… and a fun morning kick off video!

Also fun? The design videos about the making of Jeeps, and seeing old video footage of how they used to design cut in with the design processes of today! See more videos and visuals on the next page!

Great video on the design with Mark Allen, head of Jeep design…

Also check out the intro of this video that runs through the history of Jeeps ~ really fun to see the evolution over the last nearly 70 years! I’ll never forget the silver jeep cherokee we had when i was a kid!

Here are a few inspiring screen caps from the site… jeep2.jpg









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Actually the TV spots and the tagline were created by Wieden. All of the digital work, from banners to the microsite and even the attached videos, were created by the Digital AOR: SapientNitro. Thanks for all of the praise!

----- Kylin 15.07.11 12:37

Ouch! Sorry about that Laura ~ i got excited that morning and just got really into the ads and shared them b/c it inspired me! Congrats to the W+K team ~ love it! (as i guess you know already! hehe)

----- jean/NOTCOT 01.07.10 12:39

It would have been nice of you to credit the new ad agency of record for Jeep with this work. The creative campaign was developed by Portland, Oregon-based Wieden+Kennedy.

----- laura sweet 01.07.10 10:59

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