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Absolut Art of Sharing Pitchers- 07.12.10

absolutartofsharing1.jpg Today’s obsession? Absolut Art of Sharing Pitchers ~ after running across them on The World’s Best Ever i’ve been googling and ebaying and finding out whatever i can about them… but no one seems to know if they available in the US? What is it made of? This new summery art collaboration with Stephen J Powers and Chiho Aoshima results in 4 summery pitchers. I assume they are just plastic? Perhaps silk screened on? Have any of you seen them in person? Felt the quality of them? Art Collectors says - “From what we can tell, they’ve been released in various sizes for different markets (1Liter in US, 700ml in Europe/New Zealand, 750ml in Mexico)” and “So far, only 3/4 designs have been released in the 1L and 750ml sizes, so your best bet is to go for the 700ml set, which so far have hit a limited number of specialty stores in the UK, France, Belgium, and Greece.” See more pics and the video on the next page!

p.s. “The Art of Sharing” makes me think of being a little kid… and learning about how important it is to share!

p.p.s. Updated ~ just found an exclusive french design by Dan Tobin Smith - pictures added on next page.







The Art Collectors (or somewhere they found pics?) were lucky enough to get their hands on a case! Here are their unboxing pics… absolutartofsharing8.jpg



And while obsessively continuing my hunt to see what else was out there, here’s another angle on the Stephen Powers one i found on eBay absolutartofsharing11.jpg

Added! Just found images of the french one in the absolut regis forum french2.jpg



oooh and a peek at the label… french5.jpg


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I work at a liquor store In cleveland, Oh. We have them in the 750ml size. The only design we don’t have of the four you showed is the one with the faces in the bulding-esque cityscape. What you have posted for the box is spot on. If you want any pictures or any other confirmation I can find out for you.

----- Neal 12.07.10 21:03

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