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Hennessy Very Special Flask Sleeve- 07.08.10

hennessy1.jpg On interesting alcohol packaging related products… Hennessy just launched these limited edition Hennessy V.S. flask sleeves, a “first of its kind, protected by a silicon “skin” which can be found in a variety of vibrant, stylish colors including red, yellow, purple, and green.” When i first saw images of it, i wasn’t sure what to think, but once they sent one over it made a bit more sense, and the high quality silicon feels great in your hand. Nice touches with the Hennessy script forming in the inside texture ~ and the grape vine pattern of the label is echoed around the front of the sleeve. As soon as my dad saw it, he immediately thought the nice slip resistant grip was perfect for fishing trips, making you even more likely than before to resuse the Hennessy flask bottle in slippery situations. When you pull the top back, it pretty much looks like your flask is wearing a hoodie. Currently available in NY, NJ, RI, and CT, the will become available throughout the US through the summer. Take a peek at more images on the next page!











CognacFans.com has a look at some of the design sketches and prototypes… hennessy12.jpg


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5 Notes

Where can I purchase one of these?!?

----- Brianna Cavagnaro 30.03.17 04:49

i just need to kno how to get me one ! please !

----- monica 11.09.11 10:20

These are sold at German dutyfree airport shops. But only in 5 colours.

I can hook you guys up with real limited stuff, made since 2000 and all over fine products from Europe.



( google it )

----- Christoph 14.07.11 14:30

where can i gettt this

----- MR. gonzalez 09.07.10 23:52

As a concept its a lot of fun, but at the same time Im fairly certain there was something out there slightly less obtuse (where green is concerned) that would match a $12’ish bottle of cognac with someone’s dunks…

----- Lone 08.07.10 23:54

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