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Inspirations: Iconic Imagery/Signage- 07.14.10

veer1.jpg Here’s the first post in a fun new series! Sponsored by Veer.com ~ we get to have some fun and go image researching around random themes inspiring us at the moment.. and share what we find! Honestly, these types of random inspiration hunts we wander off on from google image searches to flickr to scouring NOTCOT itself and just wandering deeper into the internet… are pretty common, just seldom do we keep track and share it out as a post! So to kick things off Leo and i decided to explore what initially started as a hunt for cool imagery on signage… that ended up leading to some crazy graphical wall coverings that included cool imagery from signs and more… take a peek at the randomness we were inspired by on our internet exploration on the next page! Additionally check out more on the theme in my Veer Lightbox on Signage… but first fun pics that inspired us on the next page!

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Some great graphic designs here.

----- Steve Locke 06.07.16 09:36

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