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Inspirations: Textures in Food- 09.28.10

foodtext.jpg Here’s the forth post in our Inspiration series! Sponsored by Veer.com ~ we get to have some fun and go image researching across the internet around random themes inspiring us at the moment.. and share what we find! This time fascination with food textures close up has lead to this album being made on Veer!!! And leo helped round up some amazing close up looks at food close up that’s been inspiring us across the web ~ perhaps its Tasteologie that has food on the mind lately ~ but the intersection of food and design is so beautifully inspiring! See it all on the next page!

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I am huge on texture! And the texture of my food makes a huge impact on whether I like it or not. I can’t stand mushy foods like applesauce. That just creeps me out.

----- Victoria C 29.09.10 07:57

it’s funny, i was stuck for inspiration for my everyday photo project not so long ago and did something similar with the foods i could find in my fridge :) i guess most of us did that at some point or another..
anyway, here it is if you are curious: http://approximately365.blogspot.com/2010/08/fruits-result.html

----- Lana 28.09.10 22:58

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