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Macbook Air Restore USB- 11.01.10

miniapple1.jpg Far too much excitement today ~ there’s the NotVentures launch for starters! Then Mr. FedEx showed up with a Mac Book Air 11”! And while i giddily have to sit back and wait for it to take over my MBP for a few hours parasitically sucking data ~ i’m way too amused by the adorableness of the USB restore key… and the packaging of it! Have you see this thing up close? Held it? It’s kind of awesome. And reminds you how silly it is that other USB keys are any bigger… you can see it above next to my SD/USB cards i always have in my wallet/cameras/etc. There’s really little need for it to be any bigger, other than to make a toy out of it or something? Though i suppose it’s cute they evened out all 4 contacts ~ instead of the rocker fist of my SD/USB one… Anyhow! Before showing you a proper unbox, i found myself taking too many pics of the key… so here’s an unbox of that! See the many pics on the next page…







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I know right? How charming is it? I received my 13” (who I’ve now dubbed “Macy”) yesterday. She takes place of my Black MacBook (“Compy” - lame names I’m aware) who has been by my side for the last two years since I’ve been in the US/NY. The USB key is Macy’s “Baby Tooth”.

----- Kevin Kempis 02.11.10 15:31

I’m working on figuring out how to make that cute little key an actual usable USB drive. I’d love for it to be on my key chain at all times.

@Jean let me know if you’re interested in that as well and I could share the solution with you when I figure it out. Great un-boxing of they key. Love the photos.

----- Joe Miragliotta 02.11.10 13:15

I was intensely interested in the usb key after seeing a small thumbnail after the new macbook air was introduced. thanks for giving me some more views!

----- matthew harrison smith 01.11.10 19:46

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