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Smythson Nancy Weekender Bag- 11.04.10

smythson1.jpg I’ve always been quite smitten and secretly lusting after Smythson’s Nancy Bag, as well as the darling clutch, and the tote is stunning too! There’s something so architecturally fascinating with the way they’ve managed to perfectly pinch/twist the leather into these square/ninja star like patterns. And with travel on the mind (thanks, NotVentures) and shopping for new bags to hand carry with my new MacBook Air… tonight i’m just staring at this beautiful Smythson Nancy Weekender Bag! See larger pics of it on the next page!




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That makes sense to me but does this?

God is a comedian playing to an audience too afraid to laugh.

----- Lester Blancato 21.12.10 12:07

gorgeous bag!

----- Jennifer 24.11.10 22:00

This bag is beautiful and I wish this didn’t cost over thousand dollars..

----- Shannon 05.11.10 12:58

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