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Dan Funderburgh TIME/LIFE: SCIENCE/LIBRARY- 12.20.10

funder1.jpg TIME/LIFE: Science/Library - A Revolution in a Quiet Room… WOW. Mixing Dan Funderburgh’s signature detailed style with the scientific retro slant of TIME/LIFE… all in gorgeous Vallery in Barcelona. WIsh i could be there! And wishing i could get that microscope wallpaper you see above! Also the jellyfish and other bio organism vinyl stickers on the walls look stunning as well! See more pictures i found over at Funderburgh’s flickr feed after pouring over the Fox Is Black’s post… as well as some from the Vallery, which even has prints for sale!

“The work of a scientist is based on the conviction that nature is basically orderly. Evidence to support this faith can be seen with the naked eye - in the design of a honeycomb or a mollusk’s shell - but scientists seek and discover patterns at every level of being. - The Scientist, Henry Margenau. This series of prints and wallpapers is an interpretation of the Time Science Library - 25 books that were published between 1964 and 1967 on topics such as ‘Energy’ ,’Matter’, and ‘The Mind’. The work is a recognition of the art of knowledge and of the poetry of things we do not and can not know. It’s also a tribute to my parents who are biochemists and my grandfather - an engineer who left me the books.” - Dan Funderburgh.








Here are the available prints print1.jpg



And a selection of pics from Vallery print4.jpg

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My father (also an engineer) had some these books, I used to read them over and over. When I found that my College Library had them too, I spent a lot of time there reading the ones I had missed. Met my wife reading there! (had forgotten that)

To find that there was someone who loved them as much and would go on to create this… I can’t find praise enough. Sadly it’s impossible for us to see them in person, as Latin America is far!


----- Rob Z 13.08.11 10:37

Wow! Truly amazing! I love how all the panels are completely different from one another, and yet look great lined up together.

----- Marshall Baltzell 21.12.10 17:06

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