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Holiday Giveaway #14: Stacks- 12.07.10

16-stacks.jpg It’s holiday season here at NOTCOT, and we’re doing our annual Gift Guides, Coupons and Giveaways! Just our little way of giving a big hug to awesome brands and readers as we close out 2010!

UPDATE: Congrats to Mary in SF!

NOTCOT Holiday Giveaway #14 is here ~ and today our friends from Stacks are giving one lucky reader: 3 boards (SOS, Red Knight, Reese Balance S)! And whether you’re a skater, a future skater, or just someone who appreciates gorgeous artwork… these boards will be great to USE, or hang in your office… or as i did with my red knight, turn into a fun Skateboard Swing for all to enjoy! (p.s. fun coupon on next page from Stacks!)

For a chance to win, leave a comment by midnight on Dec 11th (PST) ~ sharing something you loved to do as a kid that you still do now!

For your shopping pleasure: stacks.jpg

For a chance to win 3 skateboards from Stacks, leave a comment by midnight on Dec 11th (PST) ~ sharing something you loved to do as a kid that you still do now!

And check out the rest of our 2010 Gift Guides, Coupons and Giveaways! Happy Holidays!

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As a kid, I loved to make snowmen and snow angels growing up in Canada. Whenever I visit our old apartment there, I still make it a point to pass by snowy areas to do this.

----- krisella 12.12.10 03:26

I used to make up fantastic stories in imaginary worlds, sometimes I still travel there :)

----- Johanna 11.12.10 22:34

I remember when I was a kid I used to love playing in the water, and I still do. Also bicycles, cooking, and many many others. I’m still a kid.

----- Jeremy 11.12.10 20:26

When I was younger, I used to wait for hours in my sister’s closet, until she would come into the room, in which case I would jump out- and make the nastiest, angriest, snarl-iest (word?) noise I could imagine a monster making. Obviously, when we gather for the holidays, I still take the opportunity to hide outside bathroom doors, around corners, etc. I just now have a better sense of timing… but still the same priceless reaction.

----- Kylie 11.12.10 19:59

I still enjoy riding a bike as much as I did when I got my first one.

----- Mike 11.12.10 17:49

Reading comics! Never gets old =)

----- Yvonne 11.12.10 17:33

Used to skateboard and took it up again recently.

----- Eric 11.12.10 17:32

The power of doodles, it’s therapeutic and let’s your mind go freely. I still do it now and then.

----- Erwin John Labra 11.12.10 11:58

I used to paint pictures for my mom in Kindergarten, and she would hang them on the fridge like a prized possession…To this day, I still paint pictures for her. The only difference: she now hangs them in frames on the wall.

Some other childhood activities I still enjoying doing:
1. Tobogganing!
2. Snow fights
3. Making a snowman!!!
4. Jumping in puddles
5. Running in the rain
6. Playing with playdough
7. Colouring placemats in restaurants :)

----- Holly 11.12.10 10:57

i used to make custom connect-the-dots of dinosaurs and animals.
when i’m sick i do the same thing :)

----- genie 11.12.10 10:51

I always loved playing paper dolls.

----- tina k. 11.12.10 10:48

Building forthouses!

----- Sandy 11.12.10 10:42

I loved watching Saturday morning cartoons in my PJs as a kid, and am definitely known to still do that!

----- Jason 11.12.10 08:26

Making blanket forts :)

----- Allie 11.12.10 08:07

So dope! Well one thing I used to do as a kid and still love is to read read and read! Would love to win these, just started skateboarding after years and years of wanting to and would love to ride these!

----- Sajith 11.12.10 00:35

As a kid I started making my own stickers and pasting them all over the place. Still do and now my niece even joins in. =)

----- Amy 10.12.10 17:35

Jumping in puddles! the bigger the better!

----- Allen 10.12.10 13:56

Stepping in every puddle on the way home. My socks get wet, but it’s usually the only joy in the rainy day.

----- Iva 10.12.10 13:01

Create a tent around the heater vent! :)

----- Marie 10.12.10 12:22

You remember pixie sticks? Well, whenever I see those sugar machines at Disneyland, my eyes widen just as they did when I was a kid. Only difference: the toothache after!

----- Martine 10.12.10 11:43

Tarteletts, muffins, cupcakes, and especially the decoration part. I can still spend hours on dressing up the sweets as beautifully as possible. It helps, even if I switched cocoa with nutmeg!

----- Domjan Peterne 10.12.10 11:32

I loved biking on the bumpy dirt roads of the village I was born in, and today I love doing it on the smooth bike roads along the river Danube. Actually, the greatest stuff on earth would be to follow the Danube starting from Germany, through Austria, Hungary, right to the very end in the Black Sea. Best thing? If you think about it, it’s DOWNHILL all the way. :)

----- Erika 10.12.10 11:29

Sitting down to a jigsaw puzzle in the morning with a cup of hot cocoa and standing up in the evening, just to notice a whole day has passed… Does this count? And if jigsaws are so addictive, how come they are not banned by law yet?

----- Linda 10.12.10 11:26

when i was a little child i loved to paint and draw. For a while i kinda forgot that. And now after some years(10-15)i have picked it up again and i’m half way from graduating media and graphic design school.

----- Lauri 10.12.10 10:58

These boards rock more than the waterboarding the pres of wikileaks is about to receive.

----- Adrian 10.12.10 09:44

I used to climb things….. a lot! Trees, fences, monkey bars, etc. I don’t do it as much anymore now that I’m an adult, but I’ve found that I’m still nimble and flexible enough to do it anytime I find myself in a park or wooded area. I’ll just start climbing trees to prove a point, or hang upside down on the monkey bars :)

----- Ed Kim 10.12.10 08:55

As a kid I loved to draw, paint and make things. I am blessed in adulthood to have a job where I do the same. Draw, paint and create products for kids. I love the skateboard and snowboard art that is in the market right now. Sometime I hope to have the opportunity to design some of my own. I have a couple blank boards at home but the kids tend to latch on to them and pretend skate around on the carpets in the house.

----- Robert 10.12.10 07:09

lets face it at 26 I’m still just a big kid. I still love cartoons, swings, hiking and climbing, star gazing, video games, camp fire song, and riding my bike. I’m not ready to give up the wonder I saw in the world as a kid. It just gets bigger with age.

----- Laura Perryman 10.12.10 02:57

Playing basketball.

----- Mike 10.12.10 00:31

When I was a little kid during the dreaded hot summer days I would lay on the floor clenching 5 dollars (in change of course)near the front door of the house and once I heard there ice cream truck get close

I get up and out the door as fast as I can to be the first to be in line for ice cream

now since I’m older I still find myself flagging down the ice cream truck for a snow blizzard only difference now is my piggy bank stays intact

----- Helen long 10.12.10 00:20

When I was a little kid during the dreaded hot summer days I would lay on the floor clenching 5 dollars (in change of course)near the front door of the house and once I heard there ice cream truck get close

I get up and out the door as fast as I can to be the first to be in line for ice cream

now since I’m older I still find myself flagging down the ice cream truck for a snow blizzard only difference now is my piggy bank stays intact

----- Helen long 10.12.10 00:20

DRAWING! I’ve always been a doodler, now I have a BFA in Graphic Design. Art, music, skate, life.

----- Stephanie 09.12.10 22:51

Still, and will always draw on everything i see.

----- Matty 09.12.10 22:49

i used to love to climb trees and all sorts of anything that i could get over and fall off. luckily now i get to climb [relatively] safely outside and in the rock gym

----- Kye 09.12.10 21:59

i used to love to climb trees and all sorts of anything that i could get over and fall off. luckily now i get to climb [relatively] safely outside and in the rock gym

----- Kye 09.12.10 21:59

Get into adventures that I had no business getting into, still do now with same friends just far less often.

----- Michael Seals 09.12.10 21:25

+++ when i was a kid i use to love and going to the beach - growing on lake MI it was some of my fondest memories - to this day i love the beach but do more grown up things like getting a tan in the nude cuz everyone knows tan lines are tacky and so are spray ons - seriously how do you get your vitaminD? oh yeah drawing too i

----- dan 09.12.10 20:40

Play Nintendo :)

----- Gabriel G 09.12.10 17:53

Beat up my little brother

----- Yoshio 09.12.10 17:32

Have real friends and love them no matter how they look, what hey do or what is their favorite toy.

----- Antoana 09.12.10 16:03

At the risk that this might sound very sad: I love staring out of my window and look at what people are doing, as a kid I could do this for hours. I still do this (although nowadays for a max of 15 minutes). I’ve perfected the art during my trips in trains where I would sit with my earphones on my head but without any music playing and then watch what others are doing via the reflection in the window… Ok now I sound like a weird peeping tom, but what the hell I want those boards!

----- Luuk Langenhoff 09.12.10 14:03

Cartoons, cartoons, cartoons.

----- Dave 09.12.10 13:29

pick my nose? Haha, nah - how about putting up the xmas tree, it’d be wrong to have Christmas without one!

----- Rebecca 09.12.10 13:22

Being a smart@ss.

----- Matt 09.12.10 13:08

Kick flips and more kick flips. Never grew out of skating up to the corner shop practicing my kick flips…

----- Derek 09.12.10 12:52

Help my father build things in the wood shop…and yes I still love doing this.

----- Lauren 09.12.10 12:36

I still get excited in the toy section!
oh and playing some video games!

----- Mark Y. 09.12.10 12:19

put my legs in a large pillow case and flop around like a mermaid.

----- imptwitch 09.12.10 11:49

As children, my sibs and I played Animals in my brothers’ room: with the lights out, it was night and the “carnivores” roamed the room. Lights on, the “day”time animals had the floor. We made dens with blankets and furniture and the bunk-beds. Now I play with my nephews, but I’m a little big for most dens. And in their version, I adopt them and take them home as pets. Softies.

----- Byron 09.12.10 11:30

As a kid I loved going out in our canoe and catching painter turtles with my hands and then letting them go (personal best: 28). I still do, although they seem to have gotten faster.

----- Byron 09.12.10 11:14

Skateboard, of course!

----- Anon 09.12.10 10:40

I used to draw as a kid, and I still do today.

----- Zach 09.12.10 10:29

After leaving childish things behind for awhile, it’s always great to rediscover something from your childhood through the eyes of your own children. After a heavy rain, we ran down to the creek to watch the rushing water. And soon started throwing in various items to watch them race down the creek. So simple and yet so much fun!

----- Shelby 09.12.10 10:16

Letting glue dry on your hands then peeling it off, simultaneously pretending your a part-snake/part-man superhero!

----- Andrew Waxtel 09.12.10 10:02

I used to love playing on the 2 pence machines (an English thing!) when i was younger, and still love it now, even though it makes your hands smell of coins…

----- Sam Foster 09.12.10 09:54

making fun of pretty girls :D

----- Ian S. 09.12.10 09:12

I loved to play outside. Anything will do. Mainly sports. But it has only improved over the years. Now I can throw the football to someone. Rather than to myself. :)

----- Lucas Lund 09.12.10 08:54

so many things that I loved to do as a kid that I still don’t do anymore.. but one of the things that i STILL do… dip my cheez-its in chocolate pudding.. best snack ever!!!

----- Tran 09.12.10 08:13


----- Rosie 09.12.10 08:00

Loved to doodle, now an architect. :)

----- Scott Y 09.12.10 07:42

Lego, comics and telling stories, three passions that have never faded.

----- Thomas Lees 09.12.10 06:25

Reading comic books

----- Melanie 08.12.10 22:38

I love doodling… on school work, but now work work! :D

----- Justin R 08.12.10 20:29

I loved to skateboard as a kid. We’d skate downtown or to a ramp in the city. I miss it so much. I can’t wait until my son is old enough to skate so I can get him his first board.

----- Mr. Vela 08.12.10 20:25

I still enjoy video games, yeah it sound like everyones but is true.

----- Joseph Sarti 08.12.10 20:03

I still listen to late 80’s pop on occasion lol

----- Izzy 08.12.10 18:54

Advent calendars! What’s better than getting chocolate every day until Christmas!

----- Iris 08.12.10 18:29

Climb the tree next to my house, and sit on the roof to watch the sunset.

----- Brandt 08.12.10 18:21

20 yrs ago i fell in love with my skateboard & today, i still love it as much
the 1st thing i did when i bought my house was…YES, build a mini ramp in the back yard
life is good but skating makes it better :D

----- richard g 08.12.10 17:48

Ollies over manholes!

----- Sean | Sub-Studio 08.12.10 16:28

biting my nails :-)

----- ioana 08.12.10 16:24

I still love staying home, watching disney movies (the princess collection obvs) and eating snack foods. ritz crackers with cheddar slices and oreos

----- Agnes 08.12.10 15:22

Playing roller hockey with my siblings….we used brooms for hockey sticks and a can for a puck.

----- Channdara Sin 08.12.10 15:20

Playing dress-up. I collect weird and wonderful dresses and shoes, and I’ll just put them on for no reason.

----- Rose 08.12.10 15:16

I still go on scavenger hunts but they’re a lot more fun in the heart of Hollywood!

----- Jen_J 08.12.10 15:06

Still love: snow angels, finger painting (graffiti-style), making snowmen and snowvixens, and getting told bedtime stories (sigh, love that!)

----- leigh 08.12.10 14:49

I loved stepping on crunchy leaves during the autumn, and I still go out of my way to crunch them. The simple things in life are the best.

----- Megan 08.12.10 14:29

Making skateboards, its something I started doing in 8th grade and still occasionally do today with my @home vacuum former. I love using them as art spaces may it be either etching or painting. It’s something that got me into wood working and eventually furniture design, now a passion of mine. I guess I really owe the basis of my foundation to skateboarding and street style all together

----- Peter 08.12.10 14:14

Get toys of course !!! I had quiet a strict education regarding toys and gifts…so with the age and the wealth I strated buying toys I always dreamed of …or grown ups’ versions of some of them… Always keep in mind that the difference between men and boys is the price of their toys…

----- Alain Z. 08.12.10 14:02


I still love getting inside the sheets of my blanket and imagining i am in a different insular world… on the same note making blanket forts are pretty amazing.


----- Brendon 08.12.10 13:52

Climb Trees

----- T. W. Adler 08.12.10 13:28

Stand outside at night, lift my head and just stand there for a long time watching at the stars.

----- Grete 08.12.10 13:15

I love coloring in an oversize Christmas coloring book. A coloring book that is bigger than your torso with the Night Before Christmas as the subject is amazing fun, and actually somewhat hard to find now-a-days.

----- Jennifer 08.12.10 12:40

i used to - and still do - love to watch The Last Unicorn and cry and cry.

----- Maddie Jager 08.12.10 12:20

I always loved going for walks. Walks with the dog. :)

----- Collin 08.12.10 12:09

I still love/ride bicycles. Now it’s an Intense Tracer VP mountain bike instead of a GT BMX bike, but the feeling is still the same :)

----- Ryan C. 08.12.10 12:07

As a kid, I used to love doing all the cheesy touristy things around my hometown along the boardwalk. I find myself still doing it every now and then in the summer with my best friend, just for laughs.

----- Ashley 08.12.10 12:06

As a kid I loved to watch the cookies rise in the oven. I’d sit there for an hour, feeling the warmth, anticipating the taste of the gooey goodness in my mouth. One time I kissed the little glass window and singed my lips!

----- Ellen 08.12.10 12:01

Please. I’ve been drooling over one forevAAA!!!

----- James Walton 08.12.10 11:56

I love to swing on a swingset. I still try to get has high as I can… kicking my legs to get the height I need. I haven’t attempted the jumping off the swing in years, but I can still do the splits so I figure it all evens out in the end, right? :P

----- Shawna Eves 08.12.10 11:44

At night, across town, down hill, with friends, in the rain, on dirt.
I will always love, and until I can’t, skate.

----- Itamimasu 08.12.10 11:34

I still pick out the cookie dough out of the ice cream and eat it =) My mom always yelled at me for being too picky :( but it was soo good!

----- Rosanna 08.12.10 11:13

something i used to love to do as a kid was take things apart and repair them or just see how they work. i still do everyday!

----- Levi Montez 08.12.10 11:12

something that i used to do as a kid was go fishing. and i still do that today every chance i get.

----- ian 08.12.10 10:52

Buy toys! Weird how it’s still exciting….

----- Jessi 08.12.10 10:19

When I was little I used to love baking cookies with my mom around the holidays, so now my boyfriend bakes cookies with me!

----- Drew 08.12.10 10:16

I loved skateboarding when I was growing up. I still have a couple boards, one (a Duanne Peters) sits by my door for those days when I get an itch to ride. My knees are a bit old so it takes some recovery time now but it’s hard to describe how fun it is to ride on the edge just inches above the ground. Admittedly the Charlie Chaplin would become wall art because I think it would look great in my room, I’d probably ride the Red Knight because it appears to be a directional board & since I’m old school I still prefer this style. Thanks for this contest!

----- Scott Yates 08.12.10 09:56

ride a bike!

----- dylan 08.12.10 09:55

Burning and strapping g.i. joes to fire crackers

----- Roy Lee 08.12.10 09:33

As a kid I would love to wait for my cereal to get soggy before I could eat it so the colors would change the milk, and I still do that in the comfort of my own home.

----- Daphne 08.12.10 09:21

As a kid, I will sneak out my bros skateboards and go around our neighborhood. but mom said it’s not for girls so never really owned one. After giving birth last year to my daughter drew, i decided to build my first skateboard, Finally, my dream became reality at 30. Now, i skate around LA like there’s no tomorrow!

----- Michelle Jacob 08.12.10 09:19

As kids we use to run and jump in these big fluffy bushes!
It was dangerous (why did mom let us do that?)…!
I will still see a big row of bushes and think….”Here I go”!

----- Shane 08.12.10 09:18

I still love to run my fingers through the ends of pillows and quilts. my mom says it has been a habit since i was a kiddo.

----- Lee Yue Yun 08.12.10 08:54

I still sometimes cut off the fatty strip from ham and sneak it on my father’s plate when I’m at home :D Plus I sit like a child - on my knees or all grouched up in formal places, on the ground anywhere, under the table… I love to sit how and where I shouldn’t (but I’m always cute about it, so noone minds :D)! And I also still love making sandcastles (I mean like really dig myself in the sand and get lose myself in making towers and walls and channels etc).

----- Liisa 08.12.10 08:53

Mom and friends remind me that I used to play office on the weekend. I’d create a company; I had to be the boss…sure enough, 25 years later, I insist on playing boss myself and starting fun new companies. Life is too short to be a corporate drone too long :)

----- Conor Gaughan 08.12.10 08:23

As a kid, I loved laying on my back and staring up at the clouds to see what shapes they take. I still do it to this day, though not always laying on my back, it does help for long road trips seeing the same monotonous landscape for hours. …ooh there’s a rabbit, that one’s a dragon!

----- Russ McIntosh 08.12.10 08:17

I love colouring as a kid and I still colour now. There can never be enough colour in the world.

----- Selina Wong 08.12.10 07:53

I like tacos.

----- Jeff 08.12.10 07:53

I still draw.

----- James D. LaCroix 08.12.10 07:33

After every single incarnation that it has taken on, I still love playing my Gameboy. Gaming never stops!

----- Matthew 08.12.10 06:50

When I was young I’d just let my fantasy and imagination run wild. Just lying down on my the old furry rug in my parents house, close my eyes and just dream about another world. I still do sometimes, although not on my own rug :)

----- Joakim 08.12.10 06:46

Take the tune of a song and change the words for the parts I don’t know… Best for annoying both older and younger brothers

----- Edward 08.12.10 06:34

These are way kewl…yeah I said “kewl” not cool. Anyways they remind me of when I had my first board (vision street wear)…ah the dayz. What do I still do that I used to…experiment w food, you know you did it too, “lets mix cherry soda with grape and see how it tastes” awsume

----- keith messina 08.12.10 06:15

video games!

----- Jeff 08.12.10 05:52

Exploring. I used to walk/bike/skate all over the place. I moved around a lot up growing up and it was a must to go exploring in a new setting. Works well today with finding cool skate spots…and fishing holes.

----- Ben 08.12.10 05:49

I collected and played with toys then, i collect and plays with toys now, only today I call them art toys instead of action figures.

----- tony F 08.12.10 05:29

When I was a kid I used to love to ride my bike and I still do.

----- Paul 08.12.10 05:11

Everything i do now i did as a kid. I draw (designer), skateboard, sail, snowboard… But now i picked up coffee so that makes me an adult.

----- Björn Bengtsson 08.12.10 04:53

Legos always let me be creative! I just made some lego bow ties for me and my friend’s nerd halloween costumes.

----- Eric 08.12.10 04:08

Exploring: scrambling rock pools, following wildlife in rainforests, intentionally getting lost whilst driving.. the list goes on. I now explore the impact of my creativity through graphic & interaction design.

----- Tahnee 08.12.10 03:52

playing LEGO, for sure!

----- enrica 08.12.10 03:28

I like to get muddy- though now its disguised as playing catch, soccer, gardening, or tag football

----- Lea 08.12.10 03:27

Balancing my chair on two legs. The elusive thrill of finding your own centre of gravity.

----- Iain 08.12.10 03:25

I used to and still do, love to break my cookies in half and eat the filling first!

----- Camila F. 08.12.10 03:23

play with big jim!

----- paolo 08.12.10 03:18

Sneaking out of bed in the morning before everyone else, to watch my favorite show or read cartoons while eating pretzels. Riding my bike to places I’ve never been to before in order to get lost is a still thrill too. Maybe trying to learn not to fall of a deck is too?

----- Arne 08.12.10 03:17

I like playing dead in the swimming pool, although it gets me into more bother now that i’m in my 30’s than it did when I was 6.

----- emma 08.12.10 02:58

Loved to draw, still am trying to do that, as much as possible.

----- Ervyn 08.12.10 02:58

I used to love skidding on polished floors in my socks and still do. If the front door rings, i see it as a good excuse to sprint and slide to answer it. I’m 36 now and still get a buzz from it. I’m really against growing up, not in a Michael Jackson/ Peter Pan way but think it’s such a shame that some people stop drawing,imagining,playing and skidding on polished floors.

----- Ad King 08.12.10 02:45

many things actually - i’ll share one this time - to pick a nose :D

----- martins 08.12.10 02:28

I love going to the beach and I still do.

----- Alan 08.12.10 01:47

i loved drawing when i was a kid and now i have made my passion from former days to my profession and i also loved to build something out of wood what i still enjoy for relaxing on a sunday

----- kaison 08.12.10 01:29

I used to hunt for four leaf clovers every time I saw a patch of clover …and I still stop and hunt for them.

----- Schmidty 08.12.10 01:27

Talk out loud to myself! I was crazy even as a child! ;)

----- Grace 08.12.10 01:24

On those really cold mornings, I still drag my clothes for the day into bed with me and change under the covers so that none of the precious heat goes to waste.

----- Mikaela 08.12.10 00:55

I still pick on my sister :D

----- Buck B 08.12.10 00:52

i still eat goldfish crackers like nothin!

----- jeremy B 08.12.10 00:08

I still like to fake sick and spend the whole day at home watching Cartoon Network.

----- Shane Walsh 08.12.10 00:00

I still like to fake sick and spend the whole day at home watching Cartoon Network.

----- Shane Walsh 07.12.10 23:57

Drawing monsters, reading comics, making t-shirts, and playing Sega Megadrive games. Still awesome. Yay!

----- David Maclennan 07.12.10 23:41

Being Canadian this may seem a tad cliche but I have always loved to play hockey. Although i now realize that playing for my favourite team (the Vancouver Canucks) will ‘probably’ never happen, i still feel joy to be able to step onto the ice.

----- Maxwell 07.12.10 23:40

play with a slinky…

----- becky 07.12.10 23:27

I still skateboarding since 1990 !!!

----- Pol 07.12.10 22:38

Dance! I would dance all over the house all the time and I still do. . just when no one is looking.

----- Cynthia 07.12.10 22:36

I still love to watch cartoons in my underwear and eat cereal, um even though the cartoons have changed on tv I’m still rockin captain america underwear… i can take pictures to prove it

----- Edward 07.12.10 22:22

skating, of course!

----- daniel 07.12.10 22:20

Walk home.

----- Nick 07.12.10 22:17

I still love going on nature walks and discovering awesome things.

----- Michael 07.12.10 22:14

Something that I still love to do now is spend time with my two brothers. I don’t see them too often now so I value our time together more than I had as child (understandably).

----- Emily Kerns 07.12.10 21:56

Putting nice smelling flowers in my shirt pockets that my mom would find in the wash.

----- David Bigelow 07.12.10 21:54

i liked to sing in the shower

----- mark o 07.12.10 21:15

As a college student, I still play classic video games such as zelda, megaman, or supermario!

----- Dan Yoon 07.12.10 21:12

I still, and will always, lick the beater after I’ve mixed cake batter or frosting

----- Andrew 07.12.10 21:09

making rice krispie treats never gets old. made them with mom then and still do today. great giveaway btw, as an artist and skateboarder i can appreciate!

----- chris c 07.12.10 20:51

play with legos.

----- Brian 07.12.10 20:50

When I was younger, I used to open up a paint file and make silly, little doodles on it. I still do it, but now I call it “Graphic Design” :)

----- Nigel Tung 07.12.10 20:28

I love drawing! I was a little kid when my friend Vanessa, who my mom babysat, would color and draw, and I would watch her. Since this day I am still her friend and I still color and draw bc of her!

----- Miguel 07.12.10 20:23

i used to love scrambling over rocks as a kid, and i still enjoy it today!

----- curtis 07.12.10 20:22

I still love comic books. They can have deep meaningful stories and some really amazing artwork.

----- neonsocks 07.12.10 20:22

I wish I could still do even one of the very physical activites I did as a kid. I do, however, still love to look out the window at any city street. I use to spend hours spying the activity at the neighborhood cornerstore that was across the street from my apartment growing up.

----- Adrianne 07.12.10 20:19

I still put chocolate chips on top of the cream cheese on my bagels everynow and then. It can’t be good for you but it’s so tasty.

----- Nick 07.12.10 20:14

When I was a kid I would always go surf every New Years Day. I still get out there for a few waves every New Years Day just a little more green under the gills from the previous nights festivities.

----- Jared Kaufman 07.12.10 20:00

I still dig out and eat all the cookies in Cookies & Cream ice cream first.

----- Jen 07.12.10 19:48

My mom and dad used to tuck me in and give me a kiss at night when I was a little girl…even though getting tucked in is a little kid thing I still kiss my parents goodnight becuase you never know when your last day, kiss, or goodbye will be

----- Jessica Gaiso 07.12.10 19:28

Saturday morning cartoons every week

----- Brian 07.12.10 19:17

I use to take the small packages of sixlets where they all sat in a row and put the whole wrapper in my mouth. proceeded to bite down on one end, pull the wrapper out and BAM, you have a mouth filled with sixlets. I come across sixlets about once a year now so I buy them without question.

----- Ken 07.12.10 19:12

I still love climbing trees! When I was a kid I would get to the top and think, “wow, what a great view!” Now I find myself thinking, “man, if I fall out of this tree with no health insurance my hip won’t be the only thing thats hurting!”

----- Michele 07.12.10 19:09

pretend I’m a red power ranger :)

----- Amy 07.12.10 18:59

Sharpening pencils…its addicting! And getting lost in the woods…

----- Sandra 07.12.10 18:45

Something i loved to do as a kid was race little tiny “froglettes”
There was always a ton of them by our neighborhood pool probably b/c it was by a bayou… we’d collect them and race them which was hard to do b/c they wouldn’t go in a straight line so you kinda had to “guide” them carefully b/c sometimes they got maimed by the guidance. ;/

----- lucia 07.12.10 18:45

eat ice cream naked!

----- ZachZZ 07.12.10 18:27

I still read children’s books. My favorites are Donna O’Neeshuck was Chased by a Cow, 24 Robbers, Tommy at the Grocery Store, and The Grinch who Stole Christmas. I admit to having some of them memorized.

----- Allison 07.12.10 18:22

I used to draw on my walls back at home with crayons/craypas, and I still love painting random things on my bedroom walls (only difference is now I don’t get in trouble for it).

----- Grace.L 07.12.10 18:11

Watch cartoons.

----- james 07.12.10 17:59

Things I did as a child and still do:

Video Games
Tell stupid jokes
day dream
Talk in my sleep
Dance around in my underwear in front the mirror and make strange faces.

----- Mikell Johnson 07.12.10 17:54


----- jonathan 07.12.10 17:53

I love to draw as a child, I still continue to draw today and I’m in art school to try to perfect my practice. =)

----- Becky 07.12.10 17:41

In my childhood home’s yard there was a giant mulberry tree. All summer long I’d take a good book up into the tree and eat berries and read until it got dark out. I’ve just found a tree at my new place that’s been serving the same purpose. Sweet nostalgia.

Those ill decks would get me some huge christmas-style brownie points if I gave one to my boyfriend’s little brother.

----- Marina 07.12.10 17:32

I liked to do everything that is not allowed as I do now. Right now I would like to get my hands on one of these so I can give it to my friend who has no money for new board, and finally learn to skate board, which I couldn’t as a child because my mother wanted for me to ride a bike, because it was less dangerous

----- bojan 07.12.10 17:28

I always cut out interesting photos in magazines and stick it to my wall making some great collages and mosaic. I’m 23 and I still cut out things and stick it on my wall.

----- Calvin 07.12.10 17:21

bikeriding on the local trail

----- Winnie Lam 07.12.10 17:07

Reading comics. I started reading them again a few years ago and I’m in love with the medium now. I don’t read the same kind of stuff, but still.

----- Juan 07.12.10 17:06

i loved and love to make triple decker PB&J sandwiches.

----- Taylor Ahlmark 07.12.10 17:06

When I was a kid, I used to loveeee animals, and catching them, and learning about them. I was OBSESSED. to this day, i’m a zoology major in college, and have 6 pets. [:

----- Jaime 07.12.10 16:30

Collect toys, though I don’t play with them as much now :)

----- dave 07.12.10 16:27

i loved stickers and still do!

----- jen 07.12.10 16:07

watch cartoons!

----- Bianca 07.12.10 15:59

Saturday Morning Cartoons

----- Ryan 07.12.10 15:50

I loved to dig holes in the dirt and look for interesting insects! I’m a total nature boy

----- Brian 07.12.10 15:49

I still get down and play some serious pokemon from time to time - it’s been 11 years since it first came into my hands and I still enjoy playing.

----- Rhiannon T. 07.12.10 15:49

I always enjoyed helping others when I was younger, and I still do my best to help people today.

----- Wyley 07.12.10 15:47

i still like making finger boards, not the crappy techdecks, the type the bones brigade played in future primitive. That’s the real sh*t!

----- Mike L 07.12.10 15:33

I cut out magazine images and collage them in notebooks, insiration boards, bookmarks, …

----- Michelle B. 07.12.10 15:30

I loved playing with LEGO and I still do. There is nothing more stimulating than building a starship with cowboys on it.

----- Ray 07.12.10 15:27

illustrate … i love drawing freestyle with no major goal in mind. like one does when they’re in high school when you’re doodling turns into some intricate world before you know it you’ve been sketching for a couple hours on some scrap of paper … bestest

----- lish 07.12.10 15:27

I grew up skating. It was my life. It brought me my friends and lifestyle. Then I got older. I turned 31 years old and was rolling around here and there. I got the itch after skating a mini half at an indoor park here in Seattle. I found an all steel halfpipe and bought it for only $500 and rented some outdoor industrial space for it. Needless to say I canceled my gym membership. I am whole again.

----- Dennis 07.12.10 15:18

Oh won’t you please make 2010 just a bit interesting by giving me something to skate, swing and see on my wall!!

----- Skelm 07.12.10 15:17

i love playing the piano — 15 years of classical training — so i’m pretty excited about finally moving my mom’s piano to my house.

----- Audrey R 07.12.10 15:06

Shots of Akvavit at 11 am every Christmas morning. Thanks Grandpa.

----- Will-i-am 07.12.10 15:05

With my brother & cousins I used to make giant cities for matchbox cars in the grass and dirt on the hill behind my grandparent’s house. These places were gigantic, taking weeks to create. The best part was coming back months later to find the roads and houses reclaimed by moss!

----- Ben 07.12.10 15:04

Picking my nose never got old.

----- Ryan Stephens 07.12.10 14:48

I still like to draw and make things all the time!

----- Tim 07.12.10 14:47

I used to love doin Disaster’s and breaking the board in half on the coping. I still do….

----- Nate 07.12.10 14:39

Ride my bike like a fiend!

----- Jess K 07.12.10 14:37

Building duvet forts! Much to the dismay of my housemates…

----- Dan 07.12.10 14:31

have to say skateboarding…i’m 41 now and still love it as if i was 11

----- elvis 07.12.10 14:12

Ollie! Nailed it! Sweeet!

----- Erik 07.12.10 14:07

Watching comic book movies!

----- Tyler Platts 07.12.10 14:02

Making up my own songs and singing them even at the most awkward times.

----- Brittany Platts 07.12.10 14:02

Spending the night at my grandmas….

----- Parker 07.12.10 14:01

Lego was the coolest thing in my childhood. I loved it, even though we usually got it used with really random sets mixed up together. I credit playing with lego for a lot of my creativity. I rarely get to play with it anymore, but when I do, i still feel the same creative rush, as I used to as a child.

----- Balázs 07.12.10 13:51

as a quiet kid, i loved to read books, i still love to read books, although more lately i’ve been spending more time reading blogs.

----- somerset 07.12.10 13:47

When I was a kid, I used to take the skins off dumplings and eat them. Still do, and they’re delicious.

----- Jess 07.12.10 13:43

Star Wars!

----- Robert 07.12.10 13:41

i love putting glue on my hands, letting it dry, then peeling it off.

----- Anna Hinojosa 07.12.10 13:40

Play pokemon!

----- Maia 07.12.10 13:36

Playing my SNES and daydreaming.

----- Tooky 07.12.10 13:32

I loved to pretend as a kid, make imaginary worlds, stories, and characters then play them out with friends running around outside. Still something I like to indulge in now and again though I am finding it more difficult to find people my age who enjoy or at very least put up with it : )

----- Jim 07.12.10 13:29

Play with LEGOs.

----- Spencer 07.12.10 13:20

I still play ridiculous amounts of video games.

----- Taylor 07.12.10 13:18

My all-time past time from my childhood, that I still take part in is, The Simpsons on Sundays. That’s probably the one constant activity in my 25 years of life.

----- Clove_art 07.12.10 13:18

As a kid I used to love helping my dad do odd jobs around the house, now I still do help but more with getting his computer working or showing him how to save/copy/paste etc for the 3rd, 4th, 5th or sitxh time.

----- Gary 07.12.10 13:10

I picked up a skateboard when I was 8, and have never stopped. Paper airplanes are awesome too.

----- sean 07.12.10 13:07

When I was a young girl, I loved to go in my room, turn on my black light, and crank the tunes up really loud. I would pull a white T-shirt onto my head to be long hair, as mine was always short and I would pretend to be the lead guitar player in whatever song I was listening to. I still do all that…when I’m feeling overworked and need to cut loose…minus the black light.

----- TracyAnn 07.12.10 13:02

When I was little I always loved to take things apart, explore what was inside or try to fix it. That is still one of my favorite things to do!

When I was 6 months old, I took apart a retractable pen and put it back together.

----- Chris Wilkinson 07.12.10 13:01

Slip’n’slide will never get old :)

----- Diana 07.12.10 12:57

I still love doing anything involving gliding across surfaces (skiing, snowboarding, surfing, and skateboarding). Though I now have to be more careful not to break anything…

----- Jason 07.12.10 12:54

Lying in the grass and looking up at the clouds as they go by.

----- Leslie 07.12.10 12:51

I still love taking things apart to see how they work (and occasionally getting them back together again).

----- RobTsou 07.12.10 12:47

Intentionally getting lost. I will drive around taking turns whenever it feels right. Never using anything but my internal navigation. It then becomes fun to try to find my way back. Friend’s reaction to these events is really hilarious.

It reminds me of when the older kids who could drive would take us younger ones to some secret skate spot in some town I had never been to. The anticipation and wonder of being young and out of your comfort zone were amazing. I try to keep some of that as an adult.

----- Nick 07.12.10 12:45

Hmm… skateboarding!?
I learned to skate on a friends skateboard and I was so happy when I got my own skateboard as a kid.
I still love skateboarding.

----- Wieland 07.12.10 12:42

I want to hang these in my sons’ rooms!

----- James Cronin 07.12.10 12:39

I’m still a fan of a good violent video game, and I read even more comics now that I’m grown. Both were restricted in my house when I was a kid, so I suppose I’m making up for lost time.

----- rich 07.12.10 12:37

Legos. It’s always been legos, and always will be.

Sweet decks.

----- Eric 07.12.10 12:30

This is an awesome giveaway! I am a huge fan of Michael Leon so Ill be using that 40% off coupon anyway.

Well the obvious answer would be that I still skateboard.

Aside from that, I used to love to doodle in my notebooks for school and today, I do the same with the notebook I use at work.

----- Chris 07.12.10 12:26

frozen eggo waffles with sugar on top. sometimes with brown sugar.

----- justin 07.12.10 12:18

Awesome decks. I skated a lot more as a kid, but I still love to cruise.

----- Travis 07.12.10 12:17

Awesome decks.

----- Travis 07.12.10 12:15

I love to eat cookie dough!!

----- Maria Lara 07.12.10 12:15

definitely a few of those. legos and the act of building freely will never die. another perpetual favorite is the original super mario brothers series. never get old. and good old pen and paper drawing.

----- matt 07.12.10 12:15

video games!

----- alex 07.12.10 12:12

climbing trees and collecting foreign stamps.

----- Elena 07.12.10 12:08

I played hockey as a kid and still do today. Well, my game this week is tomorrow night, but still….

----- James 07.12.10 12:07

I still like talking to strangers…

----- Daimian 07.12.10 12:04

Then. now and forever: Mega Man 2.

----- Cole 07.12.10 12:03

I still enjoy making grilled cheese sandwiches. Started when I was about 7-8.

----- Michael 07.12.10 12:02

Two words: chocolate milk.

Cannot get enough. I don’t know what I’ll do if I’m one of those adults who develop lactose intolerance.

----- Daisy 07.12.10 11:59

Arcade games! I used to spend hours playing arcade games like Galaga and Pacman at a local arcade and also at a friend’s neighborhood grocery store. I became very good at a few of them, because our group got to play them for free most of the time, since we were friends with the owner’s daughter. Still seek them out and play them when I find them. Skateboarding, too, of course!

----- Laura Wattles 07.12.10 11:56

sneaking a peek at my christmas gifts before time ;)

----- nuno baltazar 07.12.10 11:56

I still love playing video games. I remember sitting around with friends and playing for what seemed like forever. Even today, I like having buddies over to play even today.

----- Anthony 07.12.10 11:55

tie twizzlers (strawberry!) in knots before eating

----- Benjamin 07.12.10 11:53

The thing I still do that I started as a kid is take electronics apart, figure out how they work and how I can modify them to work better!

----- Charlie Price 07.12.10 11:53

I skateboarded all the time as a kid… And never stopped!

----- Thomas 07.12.10 11:52

I used to skateboard as a kid, and I still skateboard and longboard today

----- Kevin 07.12.10 11:49

i still smell my feet.

----- jay 07.12.10 11:46

As a child and still now, i love to try drawing something. Each time, i am sure it will look like something good, but it never happens…. I guess i should take some lessons now.

----- Anouschka 07.12.10 11:46

I still love to read under the covers with a flashlight - even though I won’t get in trouble for staying up late.

----- missmarymary 07.12.10 11:46

I still play with my toy cars once in a while with my little nephew…

----- Jaime Figueroa 07.12.10 11:45

My father still loves to watch cartoons (new and old), and he’s passed the love on to me. All through high school I’d be trying to do homework in my room and he’d say “Hey! Take a break and come watch Batman!” We still end up watching some cartoons whenever I’m back home. In fact, I actually got him the best of Mr. Peabody and Sherman on DVD for his birthday this year and we watched the whole thing on Thanksgiving. It was pretty awesome.

----- Jeremy 07.12.10 11:45

Watch animated movies (i.e. Pixar / Disney), play boardgames, recently purchased 12” mini-arcade cocktail table to play old school video games (i.e. Galaga, Joust, Pacman). I’m still a kid inside who loves to live life, laugh out loud and and find some fun everyday.

----- Maya 07.12.10 11:45

I still like to humor myself when I’m alone. We’re best friends.

----- Anders 07.12.10 11:43

Building BMX jumps behind my friends house, and the wiping out.

----- Zak Siefkes 07.12.10 11:41

I still enjoy playing tetherball and will challenge friends whenever i see one.

----- curtis gray 07.12.10 11:41

Building with blocks. Never gets old.

----- Gabe 07.12.10 11:39

I loved looking at the clouds while reclining on a nice warm beach. 27 degrees this morning has me anxiously awaiting the return of warmer weather.

----- brucet45410 07.12.10 11:39

Playing frisbee. Was one of my favorite ways to spend time outside. Then I found Ultimate Frisbee and Goaltimate. Now I play 3 times a week!

----- Kevin Weddell 07.12.10 11:38

I will always love to pee outside. Not in a public setting (cause that can get you in trouble), but somewhere that you can get away with it. There is a thrill in peeing in the great outdoors.

----- Hodgson 07.12.10 11:37

go to the beach and dig the sand looking for lost pirate tresures.

----- Fabio 07.12.10 11:35

As a kid, I loved skipping rocks across the lakes or ponds up in the NW in the suburbs of Seattle. These days, as an adult, it’s a tough battle when I see a glassy body of water and some smooth rocks laying next to the shore. I just let ‘em fly!

----- Vince 07.12.10 11:35

Dogtown, here I come.

----- Alexander Yust 07.12.10 11:34

Lego Technics

----- Melissa 07.12.10 11:33

I used to and still love stickers. I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of collecting them!

----- Frederic 07.12.10 11:33

I used to go and cut myself the christmas tree for my home. It’s in a magical and secret place few people know. Back in days, I used to go with my grand pa. Now it’s with my grand kids that I’m going :p

----- Jack 07.12.10 11:33

love of lego and batman. both FTW

----- eug 07.12.10 11:32

I still like to jump rope and hula hoop. :P

----- Carrie 07.12.10 11:30

Hmm. Well as a child I very much enjoyed playing with legos, and even do I often dont have the opportunity to do such, I like to pull out the various color organized boxes of legos and let my creativity take over.

----- Ben Mouch 07.12.10 11:27

Steal my mom’s shoes

----- fatima 07.12.10 11:24

skate board swing…love it!

----- Lauren 07.12.10 11:23

Macdonalds chips dipped in chocolate milkshake. Can’t abide the rest of their food but this remains a proper guilty pleasure despite my advancing years

----- Martin 07.12.10 11:21

Collect toys. Except is Kidrobot rather than mattel :P

----- justin 07.12.10 11:21

I still enjoy supersoakers ! Still buy them today. Man are they fun. Who doesnt like a good fight with these! Thanks for the contest! Good luck all.

----- Mat 07.12.10 11:20

Something I did as a kid that I still do now is make shirts. seems simple enough. Started having my mom buy me blank shirts when I was around 10 and I would draw on them in permanent marker. Now I design and rebrand clothing companies. My first line is almost in production, just waiting on some more $$

----- John Burgess 07.12.10 11:17

i would love to win this for my man. thank you for this giveaway. :)

----- Carrie 07.12.10 11:17

I still love climbing trees! Whenever I go for a hike, I still always end up in one. Thanks for the contest!

----- Deanna 07.12.10 11:13

I used to and still do, love a good colouring book! Fresh coloured pencils, a 96 pack of crayons, the original 8 colours of Crayola markers and a blank colouring book is pure bliss!

----- Mel 07.12.10 11:07

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