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Holiday Giveaway #29: CIA- 12.22.10

ciacal0.jpg It’s holiday season here at NOTCOT, and we’re doing our annual Gift Guides, Coupons and Giveaways! Just our little way of giving a big hug to awesome brands and readers as we close out 2010!

UPDATE: Congrats to Alan in Hong Kong, Aljosa in Slovenia, Tabitha in Canada, Jacob in Atlanta, GA, Kevin in Los Angeles, CA, Stacy in Walla Walla, WA, Ian in Birmingham, AL, Angela in Clearwater, FL, Mari in Carson, CA, Dan in Tyne & Wear UK, Jörg in Berlin, Germany, and Calvin in the Philippines.

NOTCOT Holiday Giveaway #29 is here ~ and today our friends from Central Intelligence Agency are giving away 12 of their new CIA 2011 Desk Calendar - This weekly calendar is a constant fixture on my desk, filled with awe inspiring images page after page! Sneak peek inside on the next page! As well as a look at the fun die cuts on the cover

For a chance to win leave a comment by midnight on Dec 26th (PST) ~ sharing one thing (preferably exciting! and inspiring!) you plan on doing in 2011!









For a chance to win one of the dozen CIA 2011 Desk Calendars from Central Intelligence Agency, leave a comment by midnight on Dec 26th (PST) ~ sharing one thing (preferably exciting! and inspiring!) you plan on doing in 2011!

And check out the rest of our 2010 Gift Guides, Coupons and Giveaways! Happy Holidays!

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One thing I plan on doing in 2011 is traveling and reconnectiong with old friends and family….all the best

----- Rob Lendreville 26.12.10 19:38

in 2011 I’m starting a new job!

----- Aprille 26.12.10 19:11

2011 I plan to create more art.

----- Bianca 26.12.10 17:32

the thing i’m going to do in 2011 is already in one of those calendars! i just need to have a close look..

----- Fabsu 26.12.10 14:56

Heading to England and Ireland with my beloved boyfriend. :)

----- April 26.12.10 10:41

I will be graduating from nursing school in December and running my first full marathon in December too!!

----- AG Hellings 25.12.10 19:41

travel to italy with my gf then to grad school!

----- steven 25.12.10 11:31

I plan on learning more languages!

----- Tristan 25.12.10 11:22

I actually plan to start a blog and draw a movie/tv program character every day! Already have quite a few that I will love to do :P

----- Tony 25.12.10 01:16

I plan of starting work as interior designer. I also plan to design and open a cafe/snack bar in Sofia. Lets see what happens!

----- Antoana 24.12.10 23:50

I’m joining my university’s kayaking/canoeing team! and looking forward to being 18 and of legal age ^^

----- rebecca 24.12.10 22:00

beside passing my classes? ;) i’m very excited to be participating in projects both organised and personal which will help to stimulate my dormant creativity :] there may be a few vacations squeezed in as well.

----- ishheatherx 24.12.10 20:14

Finally buy an new wardrobe and chest of drawers, to get my bedroom sorted out. :)

----- Maddy 24.12.10 18:41

I plan to get into law school!!

----- Marie 24.12.10 12:59

I’m going to complete my dissertation. :)

----- Rosie 24.12.10 11:25

touring Asia!!!

----- Anna 24.12.10 11:12

hmm. In 2011 I will hopefully help out building a house, that would be a cool thing to do.

----- Ben Mouch 24.12.10 10:59

I plan to visit all the friends I didn’t get to see this year.

----- Marie 24.12.10 10:44

reformatting the g5… maybe not too exciting, but LONG overdue.

----- sarah 24.12.10 09:54

I will graduate university, travel to Europe and then climb a mountain.

----- Paul 24.12.10 08:52

we’re having a kid! after that, exciting things to us will be getting a good night sleep, staying stocked up on diapers, and keeping the house clean. kids kind of skew your whole outlook!

----- rich 24.12.10 08:49

I plan to learn how to snowboard on Whistler!

----- Iris 24.12.10 03:43

Creating a park.

----- Keith Again 24.12.10 02:58

P i C K M E ! (this giveaway is making me greedy!) so for 2011: I will turn greed into beautiful green monsters ;)Probably after I have gotten inspiration from my trip to the Peruvian Jungle!!

----- Grace 24.12.10 00:52

Starting a new business.

----- james 24.12.10 00:12

go grape picking, process enough grapes for a bottle, take that bottle, bring it back home, give it to my friend and confess my love for them…

----- Kat 23.12.10 21:35

I’m going to join the roller derby and start grad school.

----- Sam 23.12.10 20:31

i’m adopting with my wife of 11 years!

----- Mundy Hackett 23.12.10 19:47

Make my own robot!

----- Tab 23.12.10 18:48

Skydiving. Its about time.

----- J Alexander 23.12.10 18:19

I’m going to have my face on busses across the island. May it be for a banking ad or coffee joint ad, I’m gonna be a superstarrr

----- Mira 23.12.10 18:16

i plan to start my skateboard/clothing brand/business

----- levi montez 23.12.10 16:40

I will learn German and move to Germany.

----- Vanina 23.12.10 14:22

Cycle a stage of the Tour de France

----- EH 23.12.10 13:58

2011 im starting my vintage clothing line, move to hollywood and make it big in the fashion industry! HERE I COME!

----- Kenny Garcia 23.12.10 13:51

I plan to move overseas to pursue specialized study in my craft and work toward becoming an expert the likes of which have never been seen! =D

----- Jan 23.12.10 13:25

I’m goning on a vacaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to AZ with my BFF

----- patty 23.12.10 12:28

I plan on seeing Denmark for the first time in 2011 after an inspiring visit to the Danish Pavilion at the Shanghai Expo this summer. I’m looking forward to experiencing Copenhagen’s people-friendly public spaces that Jan Gehl emphasizes in his approach to sustainable cities.

----- Diana 23.12.10 12:01

In 2011 I am going to swim with dolphins, and then make art about it.

----- LIsa 23.12.10 11:57

In 2011 I am going to swim with dolphins, and then make art about it.

----- LIsa 23.12.10 11:57

give birth! my due date is 1.23.11

----- marsha 23.12.10 11:50

I think I’m gonna start a blog and get back into art. :)

----- Tooky 23.12.10 11:17

i paln on enjoying the new macs we just got at work, no more years of suffering on an under powered PC designed for office work, not design work!

----- somerset 23.12.10 11:13

I plan on re-igniting passion with my true love.

----- Daimian 23.12.10 10:56

next year i plan on finding a new place to work after 5 years in the same place!

----- Jenny! 23.12.10 10:44

I plan on creating something in 2011 that makes a writer speechless, a father proud, and a boss jealous.

----- Ali 23.12.10 10:35

I’m meeting up with one of my best friend’s in Japan this summer. She’s on a year-long voyage across eastern Asia.

----- Karin 23.12.10 10:34

I plan to find a job that I will actually enjoy. It’s time to time to fulfill happiness first, money second.

----- Ray 23.12.10 09:52

Excited for a trip to Germany in the Spring to visit friends and see some cool concerts - woohoo!!! :)

----- Stacy B. 23.12.10 09:47

I’m starting my own business!

----- Margaret 23.12.10 09:25

having a baby

----- elena 23.12.10 09:17

I plan on finally going on an airplane for the first time! eep!

----- Allen 23.12.10 07:54

I will finish my doctorate, quit my soul-sucking day-job and finally start working just for myself. Oh, and eat a lot of ramen ;)

----- Mack 23.12.10 07:49

I plan on making a book featuring the Studio Visits I’ve done!

----- Kelsey J 23.12.10 07:36

This year I will stop being so nice and stop allowing people to take advantage of me!

----- Jollene 23.12.10 06:58

Paying off my debt and turning 30 wahooooooooo!


----- Aaron 23.12.10 06:52

I plan on getting a fancy new hairdo that makes people say, “wow.”

----- brett 23.12.10 06:21

I am going to quit smoking. Lord help me.

----- Graham 23.12.10 05:15

I plan to make contact with an alien race. If that fails, I at least want to hike the appalachian trail. :D

----- bbates 23.12.10 04:48

I plan to fall had over heels in love with someone, work in the design industry, running around the world and drawing on any surface i can, to make this place just that little more beautiful :)

----- Sam P 23.12.10 04:33

Sing in public.. Yikes

----- Lish 23.12.10 04:08

I plan on visiting Provence (south of France)! It’s going to be very exciting!

----- Camila F. 23.12.10 03:44

Using this book as a spark-plug to get my creativity into gear!

----- James 23.12.10 03:18

I plan on building a house made of wood.

----- Aljosa 23.12.10 03:12

backpack Europe!

----- calvin 23.12.10 02:33

Move to Detroit…

----- Jörg 23.12.10 02:29

I’m going to love more. There isn’t much left in the world.

----- Gary 23.12.10 02:22

I’m going for a glassblowing taster day! Should be fun to see what I can make…

----- Dann 23.12.10 01:56

My eyes will survey the world: I’ll be leaving my heart in Italy, and spending one year in Sydney. My love needs a countdown, hopefully I don’t!

----- Chiara 23.12.10 01:42

I have planned a trip to Mongolia and China…

----- Jos 23.12.10 00:57

I will be traveling to Cebu, Philippines! I have no idea how to speak the language, but I know I’ll have an adventure!

----- Mari Baquir 23.12.10 00:41

im planning on auditioning and performing for my college’s spring concert :)

----- Francis 23.12.10 00:16

In 2011, I plan on finally applying to grad school for anthropology!

----- Joe Wasserman 23.12.10 00:14

i’m planning to join the humanity or social organization and be their volunteer..also trying to be green than this year, reuse-recycle-reduce. : )

----- maria 22.12.10 23:59

I plan on making a trip to Mongolia and China this year…

----- Jos 22.12.10 23:47

Going to California to hike to Sykes Hot Springs for three days in the Big Sur. Also plan on kayaking around the golden gate bridge. Staying in a hostel in California that is in a lighthouse also! At the end of this adventure, we are going to go see the Punch Brothers in concert! I’m from the East Coast so this is pretty exciting for me.

----- Angela Nguyen 22.12.10 23:42

I’ll be starting a brand new job with at least three times more responsibility than I’ve ever had in my life and I can’t wait!!

----- Karen 22.12.10 23:10

If all goes according to plan…we will be mixing and creating our first music CD…many plans for 2011…wish us luck~!!!

----- Jennifer C. 22.12.10 22:59

next year I would like to change my life or the world around it. it’s not so sure that the first one is the easy one.

----- Federico Salvador 22.12.10 22:58

I will be graduating in 2011 and hunting for a job

----- Alyssa 22.12.10 22:37

I’m going to audition for an improv group! Wish me luck!

----- Laura R 22.12.10 22:31

I don’t really get much time for a holiday next year, so I plan on exploring the areas around where I live and discovering the beauty and excitement that is close to my home.

----- Vinny W 22.12.10 22:00

If all comes to plan, I will shoot my first horror/suspense feature short with hand-made FX goodness :)

----- Kevin 22.12.10 21:00

Falling in love…

----- Jen 22.12.10 20:54

gonna move into a new place, new style, new colors, new neighborhood

----- eug 22.12.10 20:29

wow! many. I guess I would say finally getting a place all to myself, where I can fill with creative artistic objects. This would be a great start.

----- Nestor Jaz Dutan 22.12.10 20:21

I plan on design and build most of my apartment furniture.

----- Manuel López 22.12.10 20:12

i’m gonna start a blog which will hopefully encourage me to keep drawing more frequently

----- Becky 22.12.10 20:03

In 2011 I hope to go to college!

----- Bea 22.12.10 19:51

In 2011, I plan on starting my own blog and do some art advisory/consulting work.

----- Dom 22.12.10 19:38

quiting my job to work with my wife as a wedding photographer

----- Jacob 22.12.10 19:32

Graduating in Graphic Design…then one day I’m showing up on NOTCOT!

----- Mary 22.12.10 18:53

Hopefully during the summer of 2011, I will be on my way to visit the Philippines!

----- Jearv 22.12.10 18:38

Go back to school!

----- Allison 22.12.10 18:32

This year I hope to trudge the glass-strewn fields of kilauea or the steaming tundras of Iceland in a continuation of my geophysical studies!

----- Ian S. 22.12.10 18:30


----- Gaetan 22.12.10 18:25

i’m becoming a certified yoga instructor.

----- kristen 22.12.10 18:01

I’ll be learning to program Ruby in 2011. I know…nerd alert!

----- Martin 22.12.10 17:59

I’ll be finishing, after 2 and a half years, a project illustrating middle eastern political events occurring in 1979 utilizing traditional American quilting.

----- Christina Ward 22.12.10 17:51

this little lady’s gettin’ married!

----- sarah 22.12.10 17:31

Hike the West Coast Trail.

----- N Keitlah 22.12.10 17:27

i really want to go zip lining!!!! :D

----- libys11 22.12.10 17:22

I’m gonna be moving! Ugh - hope it ends well.

----- Ben 22.12.10 17:02

Getting out of debt!

----- Robert 22.12.10 16:57

I hope to complete a hike in Hong Kong that’s roughly 43.6 km. It will be a challenge given the air pollution there and Ive never hiked that type of distance before.

----- Alan 22.12.10 16:49

In 2011 I intend ot travel to Greece and Germany to further my education

----- David 22.12.10 16:25

I love this!

----- Lauren 22.12.10 16:19

I plan on saving the world from killer bees!

----- Cole 22.12.10 16:14

I’ll be hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa.

----- Sam 22.12.10 16:03

I hope to get in shape in 2011. This calendar will help to track my progress.

----- Justin R 22.12.10 15:56

My first plan of action for 2011 is im going to party for 3 days straight and ride bmx bikes in Estonia.

----- jj 22.12.10 15:53

Finishing my BFA in interior design and applying for jobs! Real world here I come!!

----- Alexa 22.12.10 15:48

I might just finally paint my old apartment instead of planning on moving to a new one.

----- Anh 22.12.10 15:37

I’m going to graduate from University! Whoop!

----- Mikaela 22.12.10 15:29

I’m starting my own business. I hope it’s exciting, and inspiring. It’s scary too!

----- Juan 22.12.10 15:24

i plan on graduating college with a double major

----- Leslie 22.12.10 15:23

Launching an iphone app.

----- James D. LaCroix 22.12.10 15:21

I think I might finally apply to medical school…

----- Jeremy 22.12.10 15:01

So many things planned for 2011… i would love to GET MARRIED (or at least engaged.. i drop enough hints to my BF).. but something that’s ACTUALLY on the schedule.. Xterra USA National Championships in UTAH!!

----- Tran 22.12.10 15:00

I can’t wait for 2011. It is going to be a year of apartment renovation, new furniture, and a month long trip to Italy with my entire family. Exciting stuff.

----- Bec 22.12.10 14:49

Driving cross country in Two 0h 11! Thanks for the giveaway -

----- Peter D 22.12.10 14:45

For 2011, I plan on building some bad ass websites and getting ripppppped.

----- Roger Wong 22.12.10 14:43

Pick me! I have a shortage of interesting things on my desk…

----- Lea 22.12.10 14:43

I am looking forward to a new year of positive rejuvenation of the economic swing. Let there be reward…

----- Jeffrey Baker 22.12.10 14:43

I’m becoming a mom for the first time in 2011 - I might need an awesome reminder of what day/month it is!

----- Anna | Sub-Studio 22.12.10 14:42

I plan on visiting Germany on my first ever holiday alone with my girlfriend. May not be exciting to most people, but I CAN NOT WAIT!!! :D

----- David 22.12.10 14:40

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