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Kelly Reemtsen’s Ladies- 12.13.10

dresses1.jpg Mmmmm, you know i adore a good unexpected juxtaposition… like these fun paintings by Kelly Reemsten! Headless/footless women in lovely party frocks holding simple tools… like bolt cutters, axes, gardening shears, chainsaws, crowbars… and wearing dish gloves and oven mits… simple every day things! They also have great names like ‘The load I Carry’, ‘Heavy Handed’, ‘Axe’, ‘B & E’, ‘Prowler’, ‘Leverage’, ‘Character Assassination’, etc. Awesome, right? And these are all large oil paintings ranging from 20’x20’ to 44’x44’. How fun would it be to have the perfect one hanging conspicuously in that perfect entry way… Is it any surprise that she started in Fashion Design and Painting? See more on Kelly Reemsten, and see some of my absolute favorites on the next page!

2shearTouble.jpg Shear Trouble

3Axe.jpg Axe

4Purple.jpg Purple

5Orange.jpg Orange

6Aqua.jpg Aqua

7Monkey.Wrench.jpg Monkey Wrench

8.jpg Leverage

9Green.with.Envy.jpg Green With Envy

10Axe2.jpg Axe 2

11B&E.jpg B & E

12giving.clean.a.second.look.jpg Giving Clean A Second Look

1Vanessa.jpg Vanessa

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2 Notes

Great work, impressed

----- Valerie 22.12.10 23:25

I feel so represented.. :)

----- Pia 14.12.10 09:21

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