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Stranger & Stranger: No. 12 Absinthe- 12.25.10

stranger_absintheMAIN.jpg Sometimes that Christmas Spirit, comes in a bottle. Apparently for 2010, that was true. And the spirit came in the form of the Green Fairy. And it is delicious, and beautifully packaged, courtesy of Stranger & Stranger… it’s not enough that they make some of the most beautiful alcohol packaging around, every year for the last 12 years, they have also sent out a special Christmas Spirit, and i sip this year’s absinthe as i write this post. It’s delicious. Absinthe handmade in a single batch, not available for purchase… It is deliciously beautiful! When a bottle says “After one glass, you see things as you wish they were.” how can you resist? “Nectar, bitter-sweet - like the last kiss on the lips of a discarded mistress, is the secret charm of my existence; green as the moon’s light on a forest pool it glimmers in my glass; eagerly i quaff it, and, as i drink, i dream.” Marie Corelli, 1890.

See the close ups on the next page, and a very merry christmas to you!


Seriously, the most inspected package i’ve ever received… the main plastic pack was covered in special tape that claimed the package was as sent… as were the many layers of bubble wrap… AND the tube… the tub before this tube, where the seal has clearly been opened… no idea of course if the bottle itself has been tampered with or tested… stranger_absinthe1.jpg



Who can resist a bottle that says ~ “beautiful, hideous, angelic, devilish”? stranger_absinthe4.jpg

“After one glass you will see things as you wish they were…” Shouldn’t that be all of our lives? stranger_absinthe5.jpg

I can’t even begin to tell you how much i wish i knew Stranger & Stranger the last 12 years. stranger_absinthe6.jpg

Anyone who loves optical illusions, can’t help but adore their logo… stranger_absinthe6a.jpg

To those who have inquired on twitter ~ it is in fact, as 500mL bottle. Adorable, isn’t it? stranger_absinthe11.jpg





Sometimes, you just need to appreciate the effort gone into the design of the underside. stranger_absinthe16.jpg


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4 Notes

Nice bottle! What a shame this is at 35% alcohol content. It is unlikely to retain its natural green colour at this level, and I assume S & S wouldn’t want to put artificially-coloured absinthe into such a nice bottle.

I suspect that the use of the single eye on the top might be of more than academic interest to another absinthe company.

----- Alan 04.01.11 10:30

Merry Christmas, indeed. I’m so sad it’s not available for purchase. :[

----- Vailintin 29.12.10 21:34

Wow, that really is gorgeous! I know nothing of absinthe, except that I don’t think it’s my thing since I don’t care much for anise. I did help my wife buy a bottle as a gift this year though, so I delved into the world of absinthe reviews & it’s fairly daunting stuff - those people are serious about their beverage of choice!

----- The Slapster 25.12.10 19:32

We received a bottle for Christmas, different brand, from France. My husband loves Absinthe… We have to try that one.Nice post. Happy Holidays !!

----- eve Politanoff 25.12.10 16:04

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