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Gift Guide: TV in the Kitchen- 12.13.10

ckitchen0.jpg This post is the second of three gift guides sponsored by Xfinity. Focused on themes of gifts and gadgets that help us push the boundaries of how and where we watch TV! As usual ~ content is all me, and they’re sponsoring me to do it! And for the official bit: “This post is brought to you by Xfinity from Comcast. Watch all your favorite shows from anywhere with Xfinity TV. The views expressed here are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of Comcast or its partners” Advertisement

Today we’re taking it into the kitchen! A peek at gadgets/accessories to help you when you’re in the kitchen and porting TV over, whether for entertainment or following along your favorite cooking shows - pausing, rewinding, using the TV as your live cook book of sorts… also take a peek at some Tasteologie Editors’ favorite cooking show indulgences all on the next page!

I was never big on having a TV in the kitchen… but the iPad as been my TV in there lately… also my cookbook… For the TVing, i let it grab my TV from the living room on my iPad via Slingbox to watch recorded shows, etc… Slingbox HD - Plug it in to your TV at home. The watch your TV like normal through the app available for your iPad!

SO when iPad cooking/watching in the kitchen, here are some fun options to mount it so you don’t get it covered in cooking goo and can still have good viewing…

ckitchen4.jpg Griffin Loop - such a nice simple design, you could probably use it for other things in the kitchen too.

ckitchen1.jpg The Wallee - an easy mount you can put just about anywhere!

ckitchen2.jpg Incase Convertible Magazine Jacket - incredibly thin, anything will wash right off of it, and versatile viewing angles for all those follow alongs to your favorite cooking shows…

ckitchen3.jpg Griffin Cabinet Mount for iPad It can literally fold up and away into your cabinet… or swing out to help/entertain/both while you’re cooking!

Ok now say instead of an iPad you want an actual TV in your kitchen, or want to hide a little computer in the cabinet and mount a flat panel monitor that can discreetly disappear under the cabinet? Here are a few mount options that flip up! ckitchen5.jpg VideoSecu Under Cabinet Mount Flip
Premier Mounts FLIP LCD Flip-Down Mount
OmniMount 75/100 FD Under Counter Flip Down Flat-Panel Mount

Or if you really want everything in one - there are even devices like: ckitchen6.jpg Philips AJL750/37 Kitchen Clock Radio with 7-inch TV

So what’s our sponsor, Xfinity TV, offer you to stream? In the cooking realm, Xfinity TV has shows like Top Chef, Master Chef, and Good Eats available! xfinity.jpg

Curious what else Tasteologie editor’s would stream while experimenting in the kitchen?

ckitchen7.jpg No Reservations

ckitchen8.jpg Everyday Italian

ckitchen9.jpg Man V. Food

ckitchen10.jpg America’s Test Kitchen

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Nice guide, we’ve been thinking about some kind of TV setup in the kitchen, preferably a “real” computer with internet access. I like some of these mounting options already.

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