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The Macallan Albert Watson NYC Launch- 01.21.11

watson1.jpg Oooh these 4am posts after afterparties are becoming a dangerous habit! But there’s just something more fun about sharing gorgeous experiences with you quickly while i’m still riding the wave of inspiration from the preceding hours.

Tonight was the NYC launch of The Macallan’s Masters of Photography second series, featuring stunning photographs by the renowned, Albert Watson. The series is a limited edition set of special Masters of Photography bottles of Macallan paired with platinum prints. While visiting the Macallan Estate a few months ago, they teased us with sneak peeks of the images… projected on the screen in a dark room, while sipping the limited edition deliciousness (i can’t even tell you how spectacular this particular blend is! Yum.) our jaws dropped as we begged them to let us seem them again. So months later, it is a delight to finally see the prints in their true form… and meet Albert Watson himself! (Our friends at Cool Hunting have a lovely interview with him about the series.)

This project follows the story of the casks… from the trees in spain as they become barrels and as barrels become filled with what is aged to become the scotch we know and love in Scotland… and it’s photographed through the eyes of a couple going on a romantic and adventurous roadtrip from spain to scotland. As fun as it is to see the models and mini, the images of nature, the wood as it gets transformed, and the FIRE, are truly breath taking! See all of the platinum print images on the Masters of Photography site.So before i embark on a little road trip with the Macallan in a few hours, i wanted to give you a peek at the launch event, the behind the scenes video, and more… see it all on the next page!

Here’s the great behind the scenes video about the shoot:

It was beautiful how there was a video project in the midst of the studio… almost bringing us all into the world of Macallan and the spanish-scottish road trip. watson2.jpg


Since you can view the prints themselves here, i’ll give you a peek at the way the images were displayed (and admired) at the party… watson4.jpg




The special limited edition sets… watson8.jpg


Paparazzi logo wall… watson10.jpg

Love the woody background for their photo booth! watson11.jpg

Bar tenders stayed busy all through the night mixing Macallan cocktails… watson12.jpg

And there were even unique delights coming around… would you believe that hidden in this grass are tiramisu pops on lollipop sticks? grass.jpg

You simply must appreciate a sense of humor when photography legends are forced to pose for photographs… watson14.jpg


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As a Whisky enthusiast, among many other things… ;-), these Macallan posts always puts a big smile on my face. Just got to love those prints!

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