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Plattfuss: Bike Innertube Rubberbands- 02.25.11

plattfuss0.jpg Beautifully packaged in black and white… and a bag of all black rubber bands… which are made of recycled bicycle innertubes… from Switzerland! Awesome! I found these Plattfuss rubberbands by tät-tat and designed by Brigitta and Benedikt Martig-Imhof at Seed People’s Market. Take a peek at the packaging, the bands, and the story scroll hidden within on the next page!

The simplicity of the packaging was irresistible! plattfuss1.jpg




So cute that there’s a little multi-lingual scroll of sorts amongst the rubberbands (and it’s rubberbanded!) plattfuss5.jpg

… and here’s the story! plattfuss6.jpg

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That’s such a cool idea!!

----- Scott Y. 24.02.11 23:05

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