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Guy Limone at Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin- 03.26.11

strand0.jpg It was fascinating to see Guy Limone’s work up close at Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin… and the way people interact with it. The Parisian artist’s works are often made of miniature plastic figurines strung in long ceiling to floor length strands as statistical visualizations (taking infographics to a whole new level), two of which i encountered when wandering the gallery ~ and others are figurines spreading across a table/etc… what’s most fascinating when encountering them with no context or explanation, are the details! The bizarre situations/characters these figurines are in… from farmers to scuba divers, pigs to horses, police men and shopping carts and so much more… they also make awesome shadows! Take a look at some details at two strands i was mesmerized with on the next page!








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