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Ryan McGinness’ Women: Vinyls at StandardNY- 03.03.11

mcwomen1.jpg Clean vectory iconic goodness, i always have a soft spot for the work of Ryan McGinness. And his latest to launch today is an installation of Women: The Blacklight Paintings (being put up now!) and vinyl installations at the Standard New York’s Shop and Le Bain presented by Country Club. This latest project is a follow up to his Miami Art Basel show. Just received some pictures of the vinyl installations, and they make me want to run over to my vinyl cutter and cover my windows and blank walls with stickers! Fun playful imagery of women, almost abstractly tribal in their varied curviness. And of course, there are also limited edition posters and silk screened print of the Blacklight Nudie playing cards. While the Playing card print is a bit pricey for most, no worries, the actual Blacklight Nudie Cards will be released in LA in the Spring and available across all Standards. Take a peek at them on the next page!

From Miami: mcwomen0.jpg

miami.jpg WOMEN: THE BLACKLIGHT PAINTINGS, 2010, PRESENTED BY COUNTRY CLUB AT CLUB MADONNA, MIAMI… (context is everything? Now do the vinyl stickers make you think of strippers and poles and blacklights?)

A peek at the views through the Standard New York windows… mcwomen2.jpg

… inside the Shop! mcwomen3.jpg

Limited edition posters mcwomen4.jpg

Silk screened print of the Blacklight Nudie playing cards mcwomen5.jpg

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