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No Picnic’s Alma Swings- 04.11.11

swing0.jpg Thanks, Veuve Clicquot, our Milano Design Week sponsor! We adore their new origami inspired ice bucket, Clicq’up.

Definitely my favorite find of the day. I clearly have a thing for swings and for unique woody products that show off their original tree edges… well the Swedish No Picnic’s ALMA series of ‘social swings’ combine just that! They also remind me of the Loyal Loot Log Bowls! They feel like rough logs that were sliced to make a bench, then milled out and lacquered for a seat/seats in bold colors. Strung up with thick black rope, they are tied in clusters to the beams high above. Though a bit slippery, they certainly are gorgeous and fun to swing in! Apparently these are “meant to represent the soul of Sweden. As Leonardo Salzedo says, ‘As teamwork is needed to enjoy the swing, so in our everyday life a conjoint effort is important to reach a common goal’.” Gorgeous, fun, and in so many colors and sizes, they were a delight to swing in… take a peek at many pics of them on the next page ~ as well as some making of photos!







A peek at the upstairs installment of smaller single seat swings… swing8.jpg


A look at their logo… swing10.jpg



A view from above of the awesome “Swedish Love Stories” exhibition space… swing13.jpg

Making of! swing14.jpg



Seeeeeee? Don’t they remind you of giant Loyal Loot bowls? logbowls.jpg

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Love it! That and the skateboard deck swing make me want to be a kid again: Thanks for showing the shop pics: Method of fabrication is always as intriguing to me as the final design.

----- Arielle 11.04.11 15:46

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