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Jill Greenberg: Glass Ceiling- 05.20.11

glassceiling1.jpg On shows that would be lovely to see in person ~ the master manipulator photographer, Jill Greenberg, has a NY show coming up ~ “Glass Ceiling” at ClampArt starting on June 16th. She “revisits her interest in feminist art for her new series (which was the focus of her senior thesis at the Rhode Island School of Design over twenty years ago). The photographs in this body of work picture female athletes and dancers underwater engaged in a variety of ambiguous and dynamic movements. The women wear colorful bathing suits and high heels in complimentary hues, forcing one to question how and why these models are immersed.” Even in times like today, so much, yet so little has changed. And it’s hard not to be reminded you’re a woman (which of course is a double edged sword… depending on how you wield it!) ~ and these pictures capture a feeling that i’m sure we’ve all come up against…. is she breaking through the glassy water tension? or is she just gasping for air? Take a peek at the stunning series on the next page…











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wow,beautiful work! :)

----- architektas Kaune 23.05.11 05:19

i love her work. so technical and very surreal. the live women look like mannequins…great series.

----- Maggie 22.05.11 11:24

Beautiful pictures! They are strange and slightly uncomfortable but beautifully composed and very eye-catching.

Thanks for posting - I wasn’t aware of Jill Greenberg before seeing this!

----- Laura Beardsell-moore 21.05.11 06:13

Barbie-like models with no heads? Dislike!

----- Gea 21.05.11 05:11

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