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The Redbury: Room 415- 06.23.11

redbury1.jpg Finally taking a vacation in LA this week ~ when the opportunity came up to pop across town to try out The Redbury in Hollywood, it seemed like the perfect chance to even further escape my “normal” life. Checking in to room #415 ~ i stepped into the red red building perched at Hollywood and Vine, into their red red hallways adorned with larger than life hollywood glam photos filling walls along the way… and into a fully stocked apt of sorts. To call it a hotel room doesn’t even do it justice. With a kitchen (stove, fridge, dishes, the works) ~ and Katsuya and Cleo room service ready at the touch of an iPhone App ~ a washer/dryer as well as a record player stocked with records… it’s hard to find an excuse to leave this little escape when sitting on the patio staring out at Hollywood. It is a boho-chic home away from home ~ complete with that vintage store scent. “Curated by renowned photographer Matthew Rolston and Founder and CEO, Sam Nazarian ~ The Redbury features 57 thoughtfully appointed guest flats designed to provide a relaxed and entertaining environment. Each spacious room offers a home-like atmosphere to accommodate stays of a day, a week, or as long as required.” And it couldn’t be more true… ready to take a peek into my room at The Redbury and some of the fun details? To the next page!

P.s. i’m smitten with their graphic design/branding details!

Pop in and you’re greeted with such a spacious room, it’s a breath of fresh air. redbury2.jpg

Adorable branding… redbury3.jpg

To the right, the sitting room, dining table, etc.. redbury4.jpg

Looking straight back towards the left… four poster bed with cluster of fun framed art! redbury5.jpg

The kitchen! redbury6.jpg

Cute record coasters… redbury8.jpg

Deer coat hangers! redbury9.jpg

The bed was comfy ~ the wooden fan, mesmerizing… redbury10.jpg

Bed views! redbury11.jpg

Even the amenities, kitchen soap, etc had special Redbury labels… redbury12.jpg


Washing machine tucked in the closet! redbury14.jpg

Nice detail that popped up for bedside charging ~ if only that also connected up with speakers around the flat to stream music from the phone! redbury15.jpg

Kitchen view out to the patio… redbury16.jpg

… cute and cozy… redbury17.jpg

Feels like you’ve falled into someone’s home… definitely less hotel like, and more fun/funky boho-chic. redbury18.jpg

Records! redbury19.jpg


LEAVE ME IN PEACE - perhaps this image is the perfect vaca-auto-responder. redbury21.jpg

Breakfast! the breakfast burrito is divine ~ the omelette is cheeeeeesy ~ and the coffee/juice/amenities look like your assistant just ran out to fetch them. rednew.jpg

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What a fantastic place! I love the record player too, tell me you threw on some Journey & sang at the top of your lungs.

----- The Slapster 25.06.11 18:58

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