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Alessi Diva + Anna Gong- 07.20.11

alessi.jpg Sneak peek in to Alessi’s Fall/Winter 2011 product line ~ two grabbed my attention in particular. Eero Aarnio’s Diva watering can, is both elegantly simple and sassy all at once ~ in black, green, and a creamy white. And the Anna Gong is a nod at Mendini’s famous “Anna G” corkscrew and legendary folding cake stand “art.898”. Take a peek at closeups and more details on the next page.


“Anna Gong” folding cake stand: The “Anna Gong” cake stand is Mendini’s tribute to the legendary folding cake stand “art.898” that was one of Alessi’s best sellers for quite some time in the 60’s. When closed, it resembles the face of Mendini’s famous “Anna G” corkscrew, and when unfolded it is an elegant accessory for entertaining.


“Diva” watering can: Known for such iconic designs as his “Ball Chair” (1966), “Pastil Chair” (1967) and “Bubble Chair” (1968), Finland’s Eero Aarnio is one of the leading innovators in contemporary Scandinavian design. He interests me because I see in him a sort of childlike elder, an eternal boy, always ready to grasp the playful and paradoxical aspects of the design world. In short, a sort of “Scandinavian ludicism” far from the austere professionalism prevalent in Northern Europe design. The projects we’re presenting today are the first in a series of objects that is destined to be expanded.” - Alberto Alessi

“I can remember the smile on Alberto Alessi’s face when I presented my first drawings to him at the beginning of our collaboration two years ago. They were the designs for the “Diva” watering can and the little “Mouse” bottle opener. I think both of them are very functional objects, a little humorous and they turned out to be the first objects selected for production.

I approach product design from two different angles: firstly, from a study of the possibilities that new materials bring to the design process and secondly, through creativity based solely on feelings, which in turn brings you closer to art and endless possibilities. When these two approaches are combined, new and surprising products can emerge.” - Eero Aarnio

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