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Androids + Andrew Bell at SDCC - 07.23.11

androids1.jpg Having just shown you the awesome Toy King Trophy won by Andrew Bell and his Androids ~ seems like a good time to share some of the Android fun at SDCC too! Launching at SDCC are Android Mini Collectible Summer special editions! 2 Heroes and 2 Villains ~ one available each day… we even took one to lunch with us (see? Tortilla chip in hand and all up there!) New Sashimi color ways ~ Worrible plushes ~ Android blind box series 2 ~ and so many more goodies available at the Dumbrella booth where i was hanging out most days (booth #1337 if you want to go visit!) Also awesome, Andrew is drawing on the blanks for people if you’re not creative enough to do your own thing… and super special, you can get a peek at the wedding cake toppers he decorated on the next page… as well as a peek at the awesome packaging details of the new Summer collectibles!


We went for tacos at the grotto next door… brought one of the series 2 clear green guys with us as well ~ love the way his head pops open to have him be a container, shot glass, whatever you can dream up! androids2a.jpg

Here are the 4 new superheroes/villains you can purchase over at the DKE booth during SDCC… androids3.jpg


Goodies over at the Dubrella Booth #1337! androids5.jpg

I still love how cute the foil’s print is! androids6.jpg

Andrew hard at work on a custom… love the red drips…. androids7.jpg

Wedding cake toppers!!! androids8.jpg


More of the toys, prints, and more available this year! androids10.jpg

WORRIBLE! This guy is HUGE and SQUISHY! And i still think it needs a zipper to stash stuff inside of him… androids11.jpg

Now for a peek at the packaging of the summer collectible Androids… androids12.jpg


There are even quotes about each of them as you open the boxes! androids14.jpg

…one of the nights we met up for drinks with Shawnimals ~ and the wee ninja fits FAR too perfectly inside the clear Android ~ Ninja-droid? androids15.jpg

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2 Notes

The cake toppers were a huge hit at the wedding! As soon as I find a picture that shows them on the cake I’ll send it in!

----- Nathan 17.08.11 15:02

I remember last year at the Con, I was so determined to meet you and Andrew. I was so excited when I finally met him. So inspiring =)

----- Melodykid 01.08.11 00:12

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