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Der Zauberlehrling Hotel Stuttgart- 09.25.11

sunrisestut0.jpg After the Mercedes-Benz Bremen factory, we drove down about 6 hours (Fun! Intense! Autobahn adventures!) to Stuttgart ~ and getting in around midnight, we promptly settled in to Der Zauberlehrling, a cute little design hotel, with only a few hours to work, clean up, sleep ~ and hop back on the road by morning! Nestled in the Sunrise room, you can get a peek at the unique space! The patio made me wish i colud have stayed longer to relax a bit! See it all on the next page.

Fun magnetic do not disturb and word magnets!


The shower was open with the sink, with wood slats as the base… the toilet was merged with the closet… sunrisestut0b.jpg

A very rising sun like bed… and the table at the base flipped up to give your feet a bit more room. The minibar and yoga mats were hidden behind the golden circle… sunrisestut2.jpg


My favorite part was definitely this adorable balcony ~ complete with outdoor bathtub/hottub…. little table with chairs ~ and a deep lounger of a space on one side… all looking out to a serene little garden below.



The amenities were in interesting test tube like containers… sunrisestut5.jpg

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