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Dyson’s Latest Inventions- 09.16.11

dysonmainpic.jpg Fresh in from Anna of Sub-Studio who caught up with James Dyson’s latest inventions at Skylight West in New York.

The event was full of Dyson goodies, including the brand new Dyson Hot fan heater and the recently released DC41 Animal vacuum and DC34 handheld vacuum. The star of the show was definitely the the Dyson Hot - a “fan heater that warms the whole room faster than any other”. Although, since you can set the temperature anywhere between 32 and 99 degrees, it could work as a cooler too.

The Dyson Hot sucks air in from around the room and pushes it out at 6x the rate of intake, creating a jet of hot air. This causes the air in the room to circulate efficiently, allowing the Hot to take a much more accurate temperature reading of the room than your standard thermometer. As a result, it can heat the entire room to the desired temperature before it shuts off.

The new model is packed with fun design features too. Unlike traditional heaters, the heating coils are hidden in the oval frame, leaving no visible heating elements. Even the frame doesn’t get hot to the touch, even when on a high heat. If the unit is tipped over, it shuts off for safety. And the head is adjustable so that you can angle the heater up or down. The unit comes with a magnetized remote that is shaped to sit on the top of heater.

Check out more photos of the heater and vacuums on the next page, including some dissected Dyson machines (it’s so fun to look inside!), and even some Dyson marketing ingenuity in the bathroom!



The new Dyson Hot looks beautiful next to the its cousin, the bladeless fan. Here is a closer look at the heater, some of its details and inner workings!






Dyson had several other dissected models, revealing their typically hidden elegance within.



There is even a cute water faucet graphic on the filter inside the DC41 Animal vacuum.


A squadron of DC34 handheld vacuums. The little vacuum boasts highest suction of any other handheld thanks to the Dyson digital motor, which spins up to three times faster than conventional electric motors.


And a small army of vacuum cleaners including the latest addition to the family.



Unexpected innovations continued even through the bathroom, with a bit of clever promotion for the Dyson Airblade. When I reached for a paper towel to dry my hands, I found a paper towel-like info sheet on the airblade with the slogan: “No towels. No paper waste.”




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