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‘Cut It Out’ by Noma Bar at Outline Editions- 09.18.11

cutouts.jpg Our London-based editor Justine catches up with the latest action from the London Design Festival!

I’m a huge fan of the work of Noma Bar, who does wonders with negative space and always achieves so much with clean lined minimalism. So I was very excited to hear about his project ‘Cut-it-Out’ at Outline Editions as part of this year’s London Design Festival, especially when I heard we would have the chance to take part and make our own cut outs with his incredible dog (and cat and rat) shaped cutting machine!

The image making machine is a a 2 m high die cutter that weighs over 750 kg and applies 4 tonnes of pressure when the joysticks (located in the dog’s mouth) and depressed. Visitors during workshops can create their own Noma Bar patterns by selecting an A3 sheet of paper (in any of 36 colors) and their favorite of 8 designs. The paper is then careful set between the die and board and swivels the dog’s head into cutting position. Then, a quick and steady push of the joysticks applies the pressure and cuts the image. Great fun and a beautiful way to create a stunning piece of art. More pics of Noma’s screenprints and cut outs, the stunning machine, and our own die cut experience on the next page!

Noma Bar’s screenprints and cutouts are available at the Outline Editions Shop or if you want to have a go at making your own cutouts (strongly recommended!), there will be another workshop session on Saturday, the 24th, more details here. ‘Cut-it-out’ will remain in London until the end of the month, after which it will head up North to the Baltic!


The artist prepares to make an Erotic Writing cutout.

The die cut and result!

A beautiful wall of the artist’s Negative Space book.

Love these postcards advertising the event, featuring the Pointed Sense pattern.


The making of our very own Noma Bar cutout begins with the die for Pointed Sense.



Our lovely cutout!


Some of my favorite patterns at the show! You can find the full set here



And here is a closer look the machine itself from, photos from Francis Ware courtesy of Outline Editions.


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