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Strange Auto Show Products: IAA 2012- 09.13.11

iaashop0.jpg Luxury (and some non) automotive brands make some strange an unexpected lifestyle products to complement their cars. While cars were everywhere today at IAA ~ i found myself drawn to the shopping side of the show, exploring the spaces and booth designs and constantly gravitating towards the style shops that most luxury booths had… the products found within were often to be expected ~ jackets, golf balls, model cars, USB keys, keychains, mugs/espresso sets… the less unusual i’ve rounded up for you on the next page! Everything from that Mercedes bobble head of a dog above ~ to SLK Red Nail polish, Lotus Backgammon, Citroen weights, Maserati Ethernet cords, Bugatti Deodorant, Smart Ice Cubes, Bentley jewelry boxes, and more…. including this strange trend of USB keys that look like car keys!

We joked about this when i shot the Louboutins on the Mars Red C63 ~ well they have Designo Zircon Red nail polish to go with the SLK now… iaashop1.jpg

You can brand your meat with the Mercedes logo with this grilling set… iaashop3.jpg

Strange trend of Keys as USB Keys ~ if only they really did both? iaashop4.jpg

Bugatti deodorant? And other grooming products… iaashop5.jpg

Citroen travel weights? iaashop6.jpg

Lotus backgammon set… iaashop7.jpg

Smart Car ice cube trays! iaashop8.jpg

Maserati travel ethernet cable… iaashop9.jpg

Peugeot’s day glow wall of salt and pepper shakers… iaashop10.jpg

Porsche turns engine parts into champagne bucket… iaashop11.jpg

Bentley’s luxury jewelry case fit for the car… iaashop13.jpg

Bentley skis and helmet and more too… iaashop14.jpg

Mercedes picnic basket! iaashop15.jpg

And these were being given away at Volvo ~ but cool product idea… water bag/bottles! iaashop16.jpg

And what looked like bean bags made out of old sails… iaashop17.jpg

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