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The Experimental Food Society Spectacular- 10.24.11

ExperimentalFood0.jpg From our London based editor, Justine Aw

Some fun highlights from this year’s Experimental Food Society Spectacular exhibition housed in Brick Lane’s Old Truman Brewery! How could we not check out an event that boasted “an awe‐inspiring assemblage of jellymongers, sonic food artists, one‐of‐a‐kind dining conceptualists, cake sculptors, food landscape artists and food magicians”? There were some amazing cakes (including a dodo!), beautiful pieces created from chocolate as well as incredible quail egg cakes (made both from and in the eggs!) and medicinal marshmallows. See more photos of these delicious designs on the next page.

These are some absolutely adorable quail egg cakes (made from the eggs and then baked and served inside the shells!) from Pomp De Franc Cake Society aka Katie Franklin. The cakes are so tiny, delicate and beautiful that they even make cupcakes and macaron seem crude (and gigantic!) by comparison!




I also loved sampling my way through ‘medicinal marshmallows’ from The Robin Collective (who are behind the Barbican’s cryptozoology tours and other fun projects). I tried a ‘pick me up’ marshmallow with chocolate, coffee and “extra caffeine” (delicious!) followed by a ‘cold and flu’ marshmallow with elderberry, horehound, lemon mint and other vitamin rich herbs. The green one beside it is an ‘energizer’ partly colored with chlorophyll (yes, you read that correctly!) that even glows under UV. There was also a pink aphrodisiac marshmallow wtih rose, ginger and chilli.



And here are some more highlights from the show! Incredible Dodo cake by Michelle Wibowo made from vanilla sponge stunning sugar paste and icing detailing. Gorgeous! And look at the detail in that harpy eagle!




Incredible bust of chocolate from Paul Wayne Gregory.


A chocolate model of the Flying Scotsman from 3D Studios.


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Food meets Art, this is a a beautiful post!! Big bravo to all these talented creators.

----- Eve Politanoff 25.10.11 16:51

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