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Bompas & Parr’s Adventure Hamper- 11.24.11

bp-adventure-hamper-main.jpg Leave it to Sam and Harry, the jellymongering duo Bompas & Parr, to help us celebrate this holiday season with an ‘Adventure Hamper’ unlike any other. Available from the 15th of December at Selfridges. The hamper is not your usual fare (no stodgy puddings here!), instead it’s an adventure ready pack that comes with a guide book and manual for your adventure and the hamper comes filled with “functional pickles and jams that will help with malaria, altitude sickness, insect bites and jellyfish stings to more exotic kit like the hand customised ice axe, and a Magnum of a Piper-Heidsieck Rare Vintage 1998 to celebrate the successful expedition.”

Find out more about the Adventure Hamper, including a full list of what’s inside on the next page! And we can’t wait to see what the boys get up to with their accompanying in store installation to be unveiled in December!


Wadding/Packaging: Shredded white paper mixed with orange flash paper for starting fires

Supplies: Cucumber & Quinine Gelé (antimalarial), Candied Milk (a high fat preserve for cold climates), Raspberry & Violet Jam (for altitude sickness), Cranberry, Star Anise & Myrrh (antibacterial), Garlic & Mustard Seed (prevents insect bites), Pickled Shallots & Juniper (to wash jellyfish stings)

Sweets and Energy Snacks: Taste of Victory Chewing Gum, Caffeinated Confits, Trail Mix, Kendal Mint Cake

Drinks of Triumph: Magnum of Piper Heidsieck Rare Vintage 1998, Saint Barnard Keg of Overproof Hendrick’s Gin, Liquid Breakfast

Tobacco: Snuff, Black Cavendish Tobacco

Tools: Rescue Flare (for emergencies or starting parties), Ice axe (to climb a glacier or carve ice for cocktails), Bioluminescent Rescue Aids (for mountain rescue), Flag of Conquest (for emergencies, conquering uncharted land or use as a picnic blanket), Maps, Compass, Adventure manual (with food recipes and wilderness advice), Fluorescent Orange Gaffer Tape, Acme Thunderer whistle, Woollen socks


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